We can hardly wait. According to a woman is now negotiating to sell her story about having three way sex with Charlie Sheen and his wife Brooke Mueller. She says Brooke is bisexual, besides being a crack addict and alcoholic. She and Charlie have even MORE in common than we suspected. Anyway, this mystery woman says she’s not the ONLY third party the couple has bedded, but she hasn’t mentioned drugs yet. We can picture the tabloids salivating over this story. And Tiger heaving a sigh of relief.


  1. Why? Does this news that the couple in question are filth and deviant make TIGER Woods cheating actions valid and it’s okay to cheat, but only if the other married partner is good with it and into illegal drugs too? Oh wait the violence factor..? We can’t forget couples hitting one another and threating death?

  2. Janet,

    Once again you fail to realize that Charlie is no Tiger. Charlie is a degenerate druggie who has a history of surrounding himself with people to fuel his addictions (sex and drugs). Charlie, as many publicly know, dated a lot of porn stars.

    Charlie never marketed himself as a “wholesome” type of guy like Tiger did. It’s why Tiger’s issues have troubled so many because he just isn’t the guy that his team marketed him to be.

    What this does show you is how Hollywood is so forgiving of people like Charlie because Hollywood is full of “charlie” like people. IT’s why the industry is so screwed up because it’s made up of sex and drug addicts and perverted queers.

  3. Charlie has a 25-year old daughter named Cassandra. I wonder what SHE thinks of all this?

  4. I wonder if the woman (or the others that will come out of the woodwork) will spill that Brooke was pregnant whilst ‘swinging it around’ and ‘taking drugs’.

    That pic of Charlie cracks me up – he just looks a joke in that pic – all those years of the lifestyle have caught up.

  5. when you’re an american woman who needs as much attention as possible, you’re bi-sexual.
    ……….REMEMBER THIS, folks!!

  6. The whole Charlie Sheen saga is just funny. Can’t wait to see the video.

  7. I’ve always been an advocate of Denise Richards and knew Charlie was a dog (how the hell did Kelly Preston accidentally get show in the stomach, while with him). I just hope that he keeps his job so that he can keep up his payments for his kids with Denise. I also hope that Brooke and Charlie’s kids are put into protective custody of someone else rather than these 2. Their stripes will never change. This is a man not only with addiction problems, he has some sort of mental illness.

  8. Satan definitely has his grasp on these two perverts and also on all that are associated with them.

  9. Charlie looks exactly like Butthead from the old MTV series “Beavis and Butthead.”

  10. Is it that hideous Kari Ann Peniche from Celebrity Rehab? I think she slept with them, I remember seeing photos. All these people are trash, no morals or standards.

  11. i can buy charlie being a sociopath. not all sociopaths kill, but they effectively destroy lives, if you don’t stay away from them.

  12. poor kids don’t have a shot in hell!I mean all four of them!!!!!!!!take them away from all the stupid parents …….denise included!!!!

  13. Charlie is the biggest fool that ever lived. Does he think he is going to live forever? Has he never driven by a cemetery?Someone should tell this low-life heathen that all the souls of the dead bodies in a cemetery have been transported into heaven or hell depending on the state of their being saved by Jesus or not. I hope he is not beyond hope, but it looks that way. He needs an exorcism and so, btw, does Brooke.

  14. These two have found each other, let them stay together, no court dates, just let them at each other until it’s over, one way or the other. Ain’t nobody changing here.

  15. Why do people insist on selling the stories about what happens in the bedroom. To me that should be private. It speaks worse of those that sell the stories, than the principals.

  16. Sorry Charlie,
    The more pictures that I see of Charlie Sheen the more he reminds me of the Balloon Boy’s dad.When the movies come out about their lives they can play each other.The resemblance between these two bad boys is almost spooky!!

  17. Kari Ann Peniche was reportedly the one with Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane. I guess I would not be completely surprised if she was with these two, too, but I would have thought they could have gotten someone less disgusting than KAP (but KAP is such a brain-absent, attention-seeking manipulator whom desperate people seem willing to have sex with that I would not be completely surprised)

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