At first it was a toss-up to decide which of The View women had the biggest crush on Rob Pattinson when he guested on their show today to promote “Remember me.” The ladies were dolled up and on their best and most coy behavior. They could barely contain their smiles and shy glances. But Barbara Walters definitely seemed most smitten. Not only did she compare Rob to James Dean (which is as good as it gets from her era – or ANY era for that matter) When Joy remarked about his looks and asked Barbara for her opinion, Barbara cooed “You already KNOW what I think.”


  1. Barbara when Rob goes back to being interested in women, you can get in line.

  2. Barbara has never met anything, mineral, vegetable, gas, animal, female or male she wouldn’t boink.

  3. well, WHEN JOBLESS & LOVE FAGGOTS, you do these things.

  4. I can’t stand that dirty old lisping witch. Even at her age, she is still man-crazy and currently has moved Frank Langella into her multi-milion dollar home. She has probably gotten tips about him from Whoopi Goldberg, as they used to live together. And, after writing her book and admitting adultery, this old broad needs to retire….really retire forever. We weally weally want you to weave.

  5. James Franco is closer to James Dean than any actor anywhere…

  6. Yeah, I can’t stand Barbara either. She’s such a liar. She’s making such a big deal that SHE decided to stop her Oscar specials cause she’s been there, done that. When I first heard it I was like what’s the REAL story cause Barbara’s real mean and shady but always tries to pull the Tiger Woods (I’m all sweet and wonderful). Plus, who stops at 29, you’d naturally stop at 30. But then today I see that OPRAH is all of a sudden doing an Oscar special, what a coinky dink.

    Anyways, I also don’t get this whole Rob Pattinson thing..he’s not even remotely hot. He looks like a gay muppet.

  7. He has a triangle head! And let’s face it, he’s not exactly manly in that photo above sitting with his legs crossed like most of the women do. He’s thin and lanky and I can’t imagine him nude (EEEEWWWW!).
    Look at it this way, the little girls of the world have made him king with their over the top reactions and repeat movie watching. They’ll move on to the next scrawny guy soon enough. Meanwhile, we’re all stuck with having to look at triangle head a bit longer!

  8. I watched this show and it was absolutely painful. Poor Emilie de Ravin sat there in silence as all the hosts gushed over Rob. I cringed everytime they directed the conversation away from the movie and to about how good looking Rob is. Every interview with him focuses on his looks and Twilight. Yes, Edward Cullen is easy on the eyes, but this story is getting old. I really did want to hear about the movie and I really did want to hear from Emilie de Ravin. And even the questions they gave to Emilie were all Rob questions. How insulting it must have been for her. Barbara Walters has been around long enough to have known how to do this interview as an interviewer as opposed to doing it as a hormone crazed teenage girl would. It wasn’t funny or endearing- it was rude and caused me to shut the tv off.

  9. Babawa Wawa is a nasty filthy-minded old nymphomaniac on her way to hell. She has even admitted she is not sure she believes in God and she has admitted adultery in that book she wrote. She is unrepentant of her sins and is lost.

  10. A few months ago on the View, the old broads were discussing religion. Barbara said she believes in reincarnation. She said it many times that she wondered what she would come back as – after she died. I wouldn’t be her for all the $$$ of Bill Gates and Warren Buffet combined.

    PS: She has had almost as many face-lifts as Joan Rivers.

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