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Everyone’s talking about the news that Catherine Zeta Jones checked into a Connecticut hospital facility to deal with her “bipolar disorder.” Granted, she’s had a tough year living with her husband’s illness, but she’s not telling the whole story. Silver Hill Hospital specializes in treating psychiatric disorders combined with substance abuse. The National Enquirer broke this story (although few blogs credited them) in this week’s issue and they revealed that Catherine went right into the detox center of the hospital and checked out after five days. Self-medication might be her main problem. (Above, she accused a photographer of hitting her in the face in London in February)


  1. This is what I thought. Pills. To deal with the stress of her life…and her’s husband’s illness. Why would she DEFLECT by using Bipolar as the reason? Why not just say she checked into the hospital for stress? (Because it might garner more sympathy to be mentally ill than to be addicted to pills??? I object on behalf of the ACTUAL people who suffer with Bipolar disorder. No need to lie about what sends you to the hospital.

  2. She’s such a beautiful woman. Although being married to someone that is ill can certainly make a person ill (stress, no sleep….etc.).

    Hope she is well soon.Hope her husband’s condition remains in remission too.

  3. No wonder i never liked her. People with bipolar disorder are evil. They cause so much trouble and heartache for others then think they should be instantly forgiven because they have an “illness”.

    Try living a week with Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson, Britney Spears or Tom Cruise and you will see what I mean.

  4. Can’t stand this woman. Fake nose, fake boobs, pretend personality. I remember during her husband’s chemo she always seemed to be in other countries, at golfing events and such. She sucks.

  5. I agree w/everything Go Away said. In Charlie’s & Mel’s case, I don’t know if they’re bipolar, I believe it’s drug/alcohol issues.

    As for Mrs. Zeta-Jones, I’m not surprised. I think she only married dude for $$$ & status. I feel she’s a phony too. I guess this is what happens when it all falls down.

  6. I think she somewhat loves her husband, but deep down inside, way deep down inside, she wants a young hot dude. Pent-up emotions can wreak havoc with the mind and she has probably been taking something to stifle wanting a change from him and his illnes, but feels she can’t. Basically, I think she considers herself a great beauty and would like to have no problems but let her hair down and just have a good time. She is a phony and always has been.

  7. She appears beautiful and People should have made her the miost beautiful in the world instead of the fake J Lo…..but it would be interesting to know how much work she has had and if the time under the knife resulted in some addiction. I also don’t put much stock in BiPolar sympathy and certainly not in the syndromes that let bad kids off the hook.

  8. With Catherine’s problems and illness, and Michael’s illness and philandering, they deserve each other, and neither is a prize.

  9. bipolar my ass…she is allegedly a major coke head….the coke stories have been around for a long time, but have not made it to mainstream status…

  10. “People with bipolar disorder are evil. They cause so much trouble and heartache for others then think they should be instantly forgiven because they have an “illness”.”

    Yes Go Away I agree with you there.

  11. Holy crap. “People with BP Disorder are evil.” Seriously?

    I think calling diseased people, “evil” is actually pretty evil. Or perhaps just ignorant. Educate yourself and stop thinking celebrities are the poster children for the mentally ill.

  12. H, I am plenty educated. I wasted 20 years of my life with a bipolar man who refused to take his meds because he loved his “highs” and made me and everyone else suffer for it. He pissed away every dollar he ever made on gambling, whores, and deviant behavior just like Charlie Sheen is doing and like Charlie Sheen he doesn’t give a shit how much pain and suffering he is causing his family so really FUCK OFF. These people are abusive and narcissistic.

  13. This motherfucker is dying and it is all about her?! Janet you are nosey body. Why did Michael Douglas pretend he didn’t know the black girl he was seeing and then placed her in jail with no media. There had to be a better story becuase it wasn’t even in the media.

  14. That is one fucking, hilarious picture.
    Give that girl a valium.

  15. After receiving the “help” that she Needs, I can easily believe that Catherine and Michael will handle any of their difficulties amongst themselves!!

  16. Michael is the problem, she tries to be a nice charitable woman, good mother and loving sensible wife to him, but his illness, lack of strength and character, care of others to do something and stick to it, self-absorbed idiot, seen walking his kids to school, saying he is recovering.. even his father has commented on the lack of attention, and cheating, coldness to the first family caused the collapse? THE ex-family keeps barging in on Catherine’s plans and relationship, keeping her from relaxing, working, enjoying her life; with problems not of her making.. galore. Son is a doping, con-artist jerk.. in prison, Ex-wife Diandra is suing again for Wall Street 2 money.

  17. Unfortunately substance abuse and mental health issues go hand and hand. I think it’s a good thing that someone as famous as her has admitted to this and is getting help.

  18. RN, good point. At least they are admitting to SOME of her issues. The rest is not public info, rather painful fam issue to deal with behind closed doors.

  19. Coke Head. That is how she Has maintained her weight over the years. She will now pack on 50 lbs and blame it on meds. She’s got to have some sort of entertainment. Sleeping next to wrinkly old Michael Douglas is quite a gross thought.

  20. A lady here and living in an upscale neighborhood took in a bi-polar 16 year old boy for the weekends, who was up for adoption. One weekend, he wanted to borrow her car, she refused, and he stabbed her to death on the porch of her huge mansion. He barely served time since it was proved that he was bi-polar. I say he was inhabited by demons along with the disease. When things don’t go their way and they have not had their meds, they usually chose stabbing as their means of revenge.

  21. Every since Britney Spears shaved her head and swung that umbrella, everyone’s “issues” have apparently been caused by their being bi-polar. Apparently, it’s the new black.

  22. Denise…..” being bi-polar. Apparently, it’s the new black.”

    I think you are right on the money. Well said!!!

  23. Right on Indy! All people with mental illness should be loaded into boxcars and shipped to concentration camps. And all Christians should be fed to lions.

  24. Bipolar is genetic and I have several individuals in my family who have it. It’s an ugly disease and those afflicted cannot maintain relationships and are difficult to deal with. It strikes me as odd that she has this disease, although I have read she has Bipolar II, which has less severe symptoms than Bipolar I. I wish them well.

  25. Well said “Patrick”. “Indy” & “Go Away” I think it is very reckless of you to say such crude things. You 2 are starting to sound like more and more like “Strom” everyday.

    Maybe you are three in the same???

  26. ^^^^^I have never changed my name. The story I told was true, and I wish to hell I had not told it; it was just showing how bi-polar can affect some. I was not making fun of anyone with bi-polar.

    I am not Patrick or Strom or Go Away. My first name is Christine, middle name is India. My pop was 1/2 East Indian, and my nickname is Indy. Why did you ever effing think I went under another name? Just because I know some others change their names does not mean I do.

  27. Nice to meet you Christine, India. I am sorry to have offended you. I was really directing my comment at “Go Away”.

  28. Ignorance is truly bliss. They just don’t get it.

    You are too kind Muffin.

  29. Anyone who thinks untreated bipolars deserve sympathy ought to try living with one for a few years. When you get a taste of their abusiveness and insane mood swings not to mention the ridiculous cheating you will rethink your position. These people are horribly selfish, they purposely don’t take their lithium because they enjoy their manic highs too much. They don’t give two shits who they hurt in the process.

  30. Strom is also, just Strom! Bi Polars are sick and should be treated but not coddled and enabled. Actually the same as Bi sexuals.

  31. Muffin Top!!: You didn’t. Frankly, I’m in an area where their has been damn scary tornado watches, and truthfully, I’m not sure I read anything in the way it was meant to be read because of f.e.a.r. of the weather. Thanx.

  32. mental illnesses are disorders and NOT diseases. diseases are contagious.

  33. Is C.P.S. Coming after you and your children and are you going to be harassed from know on and I fear for you and your family and having your home invaded and having strangers wanting to check in with you week to week wanting to know every move you make and I know you have enough money to fight those fool off and be able to raise your children around family and friends and people you know you have a history with instead of some social worker coming over your house at a drop of the hat and having some one try to control you and tell you what to do like your a slave and I know you have it in your power to get rid of this two faced back stabbing trouble makers who are going to try to rule your life and yes we all go throw stress and frustration and tention but this C.P.S. People are going to invade your privacy and try to control your life once they get into it and they will not leave you alone until your children hit 18 and then they will drop you like a hot potato but you got the money and good lawyers>>> No Public Defenders who are Public Pretenders and may your family be safe and feel secure and keep C.P.S Out of your life and there big nose out of your business.

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