Total Recall


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Colin Farrell is great to look at, but the new Total Recall remake can’t hold a candle to the 1990 original. The first version featured a fascinating futuristic society with novel inventions and gimmicks galore. We remember seeing Arnold‘s character watching a flat screen TV at home and realizing we would have one someday. The new version has Colin and his wife living in a murky, dismal, wet underground slum. (So dark it might as well have been 3D) Sharon Stone was unforgettable as the traitorous wife in the original and what a SHOCK when Arnold killed her! Colin Farrell never managed to get rid of his wife Kate Beckinsale and she kept popping up to assault him over and over. (Why is it so hard to swallow skinny model types as hired killers?) We couldn’t figure out WHY Kate’s character was unkillable until we realized her husband directed the movie and enlarged her role to costar. Numbed by cartoonish stunts and violence, we could barely locate the plot. Another lame remake…