The Goldan Bachelor


A very good source just whispered in my ear that The Golden Bachelorette will be… drumroll please… Joan Vassos. 61-year-old Joan was one of the sexy seniors who competed for Gerry’s heart on The Golden Bachelor. It’s just our opinion, but it seems like she dodged a major bullet there as Gerry’s final rose recipient, because the woman he chose, Theresa, ended their marriage after less than three months. Everyone connected to the reality show had to sign top secret contracts promising not to reveal that Joan was selected. The show is still casting eligible bachelors 60 and over to vie for Joan’s heart, and then filming is set to begin in early May.

photo: ABC/The Golden Bachelor


ABC has been  in top secret negotiations with The Golden Bachelor, runner up Leslie Fhima, about becoming their first Golden Bachelorette. The Golden Bachelor was an unexpected ratings bonanza for the network and some fans were disappointed that Leslie didn’t get the final rose from Gerry Turner. ABC is airing Gerry and his fiancé Theresa Nist’s wedding on January 4, and their hope is to announce Leslie as Golden Bachelorette. Some important details need to be resolved first, but if all goes according to the plan, expect to see Leslie pop up at Gerry and Theresa‘s wedding and make her big announcement at the end of the two hour special.