Mama’s Boy


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Jessica Biel, 30, finally succeeded in tying the knot with Justin Timberlake ,31, because she gave in to his mother Lynn Harless and let HER call the shots. Jessica would have been happy with a small romantic wedding, but Justin’s mom Lynn had bigger ideas. It’s common knowledge that Justin is a HUGE mama’s boy and his mother successfully runs his world – she’s his co-manager, deals with his finances, runs his media company, and is chairwoman of his charity. Justin probably would have married Cameron Diaz a few years back but his mother disapproved of the 9 year age difference. Jessica and Justin had their problems but she hung in there and was always nice to Lynn. The Italian wedding is rumored to have cost over 6 million dollars and it was Lynn’s decision whether to sell the rights to a magazine. (Above left, Lynn was Justin’s date to the Oscars last year)