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Jessica Biel, 30, finally succeeded in tying the knot with Justin Timberlake ,31, because she gave in to his mother Lynn Harless and let HER call the shots. Jessica would have been happy with a small romantic wedding, but Justin’s mom Lynn had bigger ideas. It’s common knowledge that Justin is a HUGE mama’s boy and his mother successfully runs his world – she’s his co-manager, deals with his finances, runs his media company, and is chairwoman of his charity. Justin probably would have married Cameron Diaz a few years back but his mother disapproved of the 9 year age difference. Jessica and Justin had their problems but she hung in there and was always nice to Lynn. The Italian wedding is rumored to have cost over 6 million dollars and it was Lynn’s decision whether to sell the rights to a magazine. (Above left, Lynn was Justin’s date to the Oscars last year)


  1. mature people like justin who plubicaly adore his mother like this ha “Dangerous” F*GGOT-feeling.
    ………….MARK MY WORDS!!

  2. Observations and facts:

    He cannot sing, I mean REALLY sing, unless he has loads of background and manipulations of the sound track.

    His mother indeed rules his life; Jessica is a bitch and she cannot keep up this charade for long (that she loves his mother).

    JT cheated on her the entire time of the engagement and her parents tried to warn her of this.

    Jessica has been seen in lesbo situations, one of which was grabbing a gal’s a** as they were walking into a sports function.

    JT must have nerves of steel, in that he has to look at her huge buckteeth; it looks as if she has about a dozen extra teeth than what’s normal. (hateful but true, sorry).

  3. LOL Indy, once again correct. I’ve always wondered what the big deal is about him. Another manufactured celebrity. Average looks and not much of a singer. He and Britney made a perfect couple-all image and no substance. I don’t care for Jessica either.

  4. I’ll give this marriage two years ……. at the most. She will have a lot to put up with. I also agree he CAN’T sing. It’s just amazing how he still earns millions of dollars.

  5. He looks totally geeky, can’t sing, Mama’s boy, and cheats on Jessica right and left. I thought Jessica was a lesbian too. Not sure what all this is about and can’t say I really care, don’t like either of them.

  6. Jessica has a true love steady gal pal.. she just hangs in there for the pay off.. Serves that Jerk right.

  7. I don’t understand why he would marry an oatmeal lesbian that is in a longterm relationship. She did it for money, why did he do it?

  8. where does everyone have this information about her being lesbian, sounds like nonsense

  9. There is no evidence of her being a lesbian – don’t know where that came from…

  10. If memory serves, the Enquirer (or Globe) caught JT in a gay nightclub a couple of times.

    Enquirer had pics of Jessica’s butt being squeezed by her girlfriend at a GreenBay Packers game. Also, I’ve seen pics of Jess in a NYC night spot (before the engagement) with a butchy-looking gal.

    That’s all I know about these two.

    PS: I would not want to be them, regardless of their vast wealth.
    I hate that red dress, it looks like a giant drapery in a bordello.

  11. Jessica Biel is very masculine much unlike JT. What an odd coupling. I agree with the other posters. This won’t last 2 years. JT can’t sing without autotune and his ‘acting’ is atrocious.

  12. Just like Ryan Seacrest…Justin Timberlake is a big Mama’s boy and can’t ever be a real man! A man that needs his mother more than his wife/partner will always be the child and not a grown up nor a husband in life!

  13. A lot of these Hollywood people have a lot of hang ups and many that you think are gay are totally not gay they are just idiots in the love department or have sex addictions etc…or like Justin have their Mom with them 24/7-ish.

  14. Mom can’t be too bad if she approved big bucks for the wedding.

  15. I have never understood why women go so apeshit over Justin Timberlake. He’s not attractive, and as others here have pointed out, he can’t sing to save his life without a LOT of studio help. It sounds to me like Jessica has either made the decision or will be making the decision to let her mother in law run her life too. Apparently it’s what has to happen in order to have peace in that family. I’d be ashamed if I were Justin’s mother. I think it’s great that she has such a close watch on his money (he won’t be suckered in by bogus “investments”), but you’d think she’d be able to figure out for herself that a couple in love need some privacy. She must not have a life of her own outside of Justin. That’s a little creepy. And it shows that Justin doesn’t have the cojones to tell his Mommy to back off a little bit. I give this marriage 2 years, tops, unless Jessica has a will of iron and can put up with the mother in law from hell.

  16. There is major evidence of her being a lesbian…even in public….look it up! It is also rumored she has herpes.

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