Heavy Metal


We needed a laugh today, and came across this photo of Pat Boone and Alice Cooper onstage at the American Music Awards in 1997 on the website Dangerous Minds. That year, fanatical Christian musician Pat Boone, then 63, released an album of heavy metal covers and AMA producer Dick Clark came up with the idea of having Boone appear dressed up in leather with fake tattoos and piercings. Clark wanted to pair up Boone with Alice Cooper, and have Alice dress like a conservative businessman. At the last minute Alice backed out and dressed like himself, but Pat got a LOT of attention for his fun new “look.” The audience “went nuts” for Boone’s costume, but some Christians didn’t find it funny, and he lost his job hosting Trinity TV’s show Gospel America. Pat Boone was reportedly SHOCKED that his fellow Christians lacked a sense of humor about his stunt!

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