This could be one of our biggest scoops of all time! As the world wonders why Kate Middleton is hospitalized and recovering from an undisclosed abdominal surgery, our inside source revealed this: The popular princess recently underwent predictive genetic testing and was discovered to carry the BRCA gene that could lead to diseases in her ovaries and beyond. After much soul searching, she decided to undergo elective surgery and had a hysterectomy. It’s the same surgery Angelina Jolie had in 2013 to prevent cancer. Angelina also had a double mastectomy to prevent BRCA breast cancer and she followed that with time -consuming reconstructive surgery. Kate also MIGHT have had that and it would explain her long recuperation.  And Kate has a plan. After she’s fully recovered she intends to go public in a VERY big way and become the face of predictive genetic testing and intends to campaign to make the tests free of charge for everyone. Our source insists that Kate has NO disease yet and she only underwent the invasive surgery as a preventive measure.

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA