Dr Oz


Dr. Oz wants his old life back! The TV doc gave up his lucrative career to run for the US Senate from Pennsylvania, but his fame didn’t draw voters and and he suffered a humiliating and expensive defeat. He’s now trying to pick up the pieces and return to the greener pastures of television. His conservative right-wing campaign turned off most of Hollywood, including the person responsible for his success, Oprah Winfrey, so now the defeated doc is negotiating with FOX News for a show. Our source says that Oz’s political beliefs and nasty campaign all but destroyed his chances of returning to his former TV glory, and that’s why he’s turned to the conservative network in hopes of landing a show. Nothing has been green-lit YET, but there have been some significant meetings.

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WHAT has Oprah unleashed upon us! First, Dr Oz ran for the U.S. Senate and we were afraid he might get elected simply because Oprah made him such a well-known celebrity. Turns out, she didn’t agree with him politically, and he was not elected. Now Oprah’s OTHER protege, Dr Phil, is secretly gearing up to run for the Senate also! But not in his home state Texas, where Ted Cruz will run for re-election. Dr Phil’s plan is to buy a home in the state where he feels he has the best chance of winning, and become a candidate there. Oprah doesn’t see eye to eye with Dr Phil politically either, so don’t expect to see her on the campaign trail. Can he get elected without her?

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA