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No sooner had Nick Cannon finished his sold out performance at Madison Square Garden in New York, than he checked into the hospital. Besides suffering from Lupus-related kidney disease, Nick has pneumonia. We imagine that at least five of his baby-mamas are EXTREMELY worried. Nick has eleven kids and one on the way, with six different women. His ex-wife Mariah Carey has no financial worries, but Nick spends well over 3 million a year on child support for all his kids. If he can’t work, these women will be stuck paying the bills, and they WON’T be happy! Can you imagine?

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Nick Cannon, 42, and his numerous baby mamas happily post photos of themselves celebrating birthdays, holidays etc separately, making him appear to be a devoted father. So far he is obviously not late with his support payments – none of the moms are complaining. But has he thought about the cost of college tuition? Nick and one baby mama, Bre Tiesi, 31, visited a pumpkin patch with their 3 month old baby Legendary Love (no kidding!) and indeed they look happy. But what about the other 8 kids (one died) who did NOT visit the pumpkin patch with dad? How do THEY feel? Looks like Nick thinks he’s doing the world a favor, and hints that he is NOT finished having semi-fatherless children. He’s setting quite an example for his sons – and daughters…


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We never imagined that Owen Wilson would have something in common with the handsome rapper Future, but he DOES! But Future is way ahead – he has 8 kids with 8 baby mamas while Owen only has 3 kids with 3 baby mamas. Wilson supports his two sons, Robert, 10, and Finn, 7, and gets long with the mamas, while spending time and acting like a father to the boys. It’s NOT the same for Wilson’s lookalike little girl Lyla. Wilson dated her mother Varunie Vongsvirates off and on for five years, and Lyla was born after they split up. Owen demanded a paternity test which confirmed he IS the father, and he does financially support her. Unfortunately, he has NEVER met his 3 year old daughter and sadly, has no interest in doing so, according to Varunie. Suddenly Owen Wilson doesn’t seem like such a nice guy, after all…

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Nick Cannon, clad above in his ever-present turban, is on the road to having his FOURTH baby in one year! How DOES he pull this off? After Nick filed for divorce from Mariah Carey, he declared he “doesn’t want to be with ONE woman again.” In fact, he added “I believe relationships and marriage are designed to please women” and he doesn’t even want a steady girlfriend! But he does have plenty of baby mamas. Besides the twins with Mariah, he has two children with Brittany Bell, twins just born to Abby DeLaRosa, and Alyssa Scott is expecting any day now. That makes a total of SEVEN children. Nick is getting his own daytime talk show this fall and he’ll have plenty to talk about…

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Be grateful that you’re not planning to spend Christmas with Lindsay Lohan’s family. Her father Michael is riled up over his ex-wife Dina’s tell all book but he’s willing to call a truce because he’s planning to come back to New York for Christmas. He claims he’s trying to get the whole family back together for a big happy Christmas like the old days. But he’s bringing along his baby mama Kate Major, a former tabloid reporter with substance abuse problem like his own. Dina wants nothing to do with Kate and banned them all from her house. No peace for the Lohans. (Above, Lindsay is partying in Miami Beach at Art Basel with her brother Michael. Do they know what’s ahead?)

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