cate_blanchettdresscut.jpgLooks like there’s an Oscar casualty nobody wants to talk about, so we’ll piece it together the best we can. We hear that Cate Blanchett was given a Lana Marks crocodile and diamond bag to wear with her Armani gown to the Oscars. The $100,000 bag (we can’t believe it either, but sources insist that’s what it’s worth) was supposedly delivered to Cate’s hotel suite in Beverly Hills. On the Saturday before the Oscars, Kate’s hotel room was full of people from Armani and Harper’s Bazaar and her stylist hid the pricey bag in the back of the closet. Cate was out most of Saturday afternoon and evening. The next day Cate and her stylist couldn’t find the bag so she wasn’t able to carry it on the red carpet. They felt awful and told the Lana Marks people the bag was missing. Apparently it was eventually reported to the police and there is a big investigation underway that includes people from Armani, Harpers Bazaar, and hotel employees. Lana Marks PR had no comment.


  1. That outfit looks like heck. She could use a make over as well. Why didn’t she wear something of Ann Taylors or Marc Jacobs, anything looks better than that!

  2. I wish there was an edit feature on this message board… As, she doesn’t really need a make over – just take off a few layers of makeup.
    Have somebody check the dumpster or the dump. What do you wanna bet it got tossed out.. Must really have looked like some cheap hand bag.

  3. Um… why wouldn’t they put such an expensive item in the safe that’s avail for any high-end hotel. That doesn’t sound right to me.

  4. I think she was the best dressed star of the night, I love the metallic quality of the dress, it is absolutely delicious. people like that tacky beYAWNce could take a lesson. Cate blanchett looks like a star not like others who should dress like stars but end up looking desperate and like it’s their first time at an event

  5. She was one of the most stunning actresses on the red carpet that night. She almost always gets it right. The dress at first glance doesn’t look all that impressive until you pan down and see all of the glorius beadwork at the hem. I believe I read the dress was worth $200,000.00

  6. no loss.
    crocodile and diamonds?
    sounds like a flipping mess.
    and before you start blaming the hotel staff, just how many people were in that suite to assist blanchette on oscar night?

  7. i love cate blanchett … she is brilliant..i have loved her in every movie she has been venture to say that she is as.. if not more talented than meryl streep. she is kick ass. haha
    oh, and i think she looks divine in that dress.beautiful, feminine and shapely.gorgeous.
    i think that the cost of that little handbag has to be exaggerated.

  8. Due to Mercury retrograde theft can occur. I feel 2 people were involved with the heist. You reap what you sow. They are jealous little twits who think they got away with something- the Universe is all about balance- something they care about will be taken away from them. I wish people who respect & love each other more.

  9. thats so funny you should mention mercury retrogade. I was thinking about buying a car this weekend but feel I should put it off until mercury goes direct in a few weeks. but yes cate blanchet is classy, someone mentioned beyonce looks desperate. I couldnt agree more. such a pretty girl but she hasnt had a stunning red carpet look in about 4yrears.

  10. Sticky finger assistants to assistants who know somebody who’s a relative of a maid’s cousin twice removed.

  11. Bet that bag is at the dump. I mean, what kind of an idiot would ever been seen carrying it around – course, then again.
    Why doesn’t somebody post a photo of it, so we atleast know what a $100,000 purse looks like.

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