brooknailcut_gallery.jpgWe’re still trying to figure out why Brooke Shields gets her manicure and pedicure done every week in the cheapest nail salon in Brentwood. She patronizes one of those Vietnamese salons where nobody speaks English and we suspect the cute Vietnamese girls are trafficked in illegally, but we have no proof. Certainly they didn’t pass any license tests in English. We go to these cut-rate salons because they are affordable, but we’re always nervous about the sanitation and the fact that we usually end up bleeding. Anyway, Brooke has her mani-pedi done for a mere $20, and we can’t figure out why she doesn’t get pampered at a nicer, more hygienic salon – she can afford it.


  1. Yawn.
    For the story.
    And for the story being about Brooke “I’ve Lost My Career So I’ll Suck Up To Tommy Grrrl Cruise and His Automaton Wife” Shields.

  2. Um?
    What’s that purple growth thingy on her otherwise perfect calf?

  3. Why is it expected that if someone has money, they should be spending as much of it as possible at overpriced vendors? People who overspend and think they’re getting the best because of it are idiots. Good for Brooke and her common sense frugality.

  4. i love brooke and it’s a tatoo on her ankle Patrick…ah Patrick….you never disappoint but are such a disappointment

  5. i love brooke and it’s a tatoo on her ankle Patrick…ah Patrick….you never disappoint but are such a disappointment

  6. Maybe it’s because she didn’t want to sit next to old farts like Janet Charlton…Good for Brooke

  7. Really 4:38?
    The competition to be witty here is daunting at times but you can go.
    F#ck yourself.

  8. you have to speak english as your first language to give a good mani pedi. WOW. Janet n= next michael richards.

  9. very racist and uneducated assertions…and very superficial sense of values…

  10. a lot of those salons are owned by koreans. i went to one once because it was cheaper and i wanted nice nails for a wedding… anyhow, the woman who did my nails filed the acrylics on my fingers so hard that i was in pain for about two weeks… and needless to say, i never went back.
    but hey, if she found a place where they do a nice job and the price is right, then thats cool.
    i noticed the purple above her ankle too…i think that tatoos are fug.

  11. do you know why the Oscars sucked so badly this year?
    because of political correctness, everyone is terribly afraid that any little thing they say might offend somebody somewhere…thats why there werent any jokes. political correctness really cancells out self expression .

  12. jus axe foxy brown, she done an got her nails did at da koreans nail salon. that hoe foxy went all rambo on dose biyatches.

  13. its true that at those salons, they hardly speak english..and have a kinda bad reputation for keeping things hygenic.
    its just an observation, not a sweeping condemnation and permanently binding statement about nail salons in strip malls. hey, people need to make a living somehow.

  14. Like so many of the “celebrities,” she’s tighter than bark on trees.

  15. All I can say is, “What is that yucky “thing” on her ankle?! I have never seen a tattoo on her before! Gross!!!

  16. It’s okay 1:12.
    I like a good handling.
    Do your worst.

  17. Why would she keep her stupid dark sunglasses on indoors? It’s so arrogant. It only brings more attention to her if that’s what she’s trying to avoid.

  18. I agree about the sunglasses. They draw MORE attention. I always laugh when I see non celebrities in stores with shades on, trying to be someone. Ah maybe Brooke was in a hurry and driving and just pulled over when she saw the place or this guy does a really good job?

  19. Uhmmmmm…..Brooke knows a lot about class. Maybe she was in a hurry and it was “just there.” A bit more about class, since you’re a tad obsessed with it; she could have a nail tech come to her home as I do.

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