The season’s first snowfall in Afghanistan brought out these bundled up women waiting for a bus in Kabul. Keep in mind that women in Afghanistan have the lowest life expectancy in the world – 42.5 years. Adding insult to injury, busses don’t bother to stop at all if only women are waiting – they drive right by. And if there are men in the waiting group, they shove their way to the front so they can get on first! Women in Afghanistan don’t stand a chance.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. Women are generally meant for child birth and once that function is no longer possible, 42 years old seems about right. It is nature.

  2. Sadly, it sounds much like Alabama and Mississippi circa 1940, just replace the word Women, with Blacks. Hatred comes in many forms, even today * (ask Strom) and Lucky for you Casper, your parents had a real sense of humour.

  3. Poor Alex and this thread is obviously written by someone who has never been to Kabul. Women do have a tough time in Afghanistan but don’t have problems like the busses…they are given special seating in busses and the taxi’s.

    Sounds like a JC story provided by a women’s rights pressure group without much knowledge.

  4. LOL!! For a second I thought those were their heads, until I saw the eyeholes on the burkas underneath!

  5. This is what happens when a religious zealots made up of uneducated men run their surroundings. Is it sad? Yes but it’s time women start fighting back by any and every means necessary. As much as Afghan men may want it to be-it is not the 4 century. And those men are nothing but hypocritical pigs. They want to screw little girls and boys though. What a damn sick county they are hopeless.

  6. actually Strom, I have been to Kabul, and throughout Pakistan, Nepal, Tibet and much of Northern India too. I’ve also been in the south in the late 70’s and remember, vividly, what it felt like to be an outsider. I suspect from the latitude of your posts, you’ve never been outside your parent’s yard.

  7. Poor Washington….you are so incorrect. I have spent much time in Kabul and other parts of Afghanistan, and recently.

    American’s like Washington have convinced the Afghan women how bad they have it and want to impose our values on them. It has been a failure and a huge $$$$$ drain on the American people. One more PC approach to the world.

  8. @strom won’t prove it, he’ll weasel out, he’ll bullshit, go on a rant.

  9. Poor little jealous Patrick….always out to diss a poster instead of commenting. I was in Afghanistan for a couple of years, actually, and if you look closely these ladies are wearing fashionable high heel shoes and have nice bags. They likely aren’t poor, but many others are.

    They cover up in many countries and it is not the business of American female lib groups to change the country culture.

    Go back to your PC world

  10. Poor little Franny,,,,can’t discuss a thread or Afghanistan or anything it seems.

  11. Poor little Patrick & Franny, slam a poster but can’t contribute an iota.

    Go back to your PC world!

  12. Strom, I almost thought you were reasonable for a change, but there’s no purses showing in the photo…

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