Warner Bros publicity department must be dominated by women because they did ALL the right things when it came to promoting Barbie. The film has broken all records with one of the biggest weekends in history! So what if they misled the SAG/AFTRA union (see – it was WORTH it! The best thing about Barbie is not only did it celebrate the importance of women, but it was directed by the extremely likable FEMALE Greta Gerwig. Barbie is the TOP opening film of 2023 and has NOTHING to do with male superheroes! Right now we’re thinking that more than a few of those male CEO’s at Warner Bros should be replaced by females…

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA



  1. Oh yes, who better to admire than a woman who went from being a lowly assistant who became famous after she became the mistress who broke up her partner’s marriage by having an affair with him while his wife was pregnant?! Yes, let’s all admire Ms. Gerwig.

  2. Wonder what the second week of this rubbish will be like. Even a free ticket would not lure me to see it

  3. Rae- You should blame the MARRIED man who broke up his relationship to pursue his new girlfriend – not the “girlfriend”

  4. This success of this type of rubbish is why America is mocked all over Europe and the UK

  5. No, this is not about the people responsible for the marriage ending, rather it is about the person who used an affair to get a career. Obviously the married man is also to blame for the affair!

  6. Pippa- I’m not fond of “housewife” shows either, but they ARE surprisingly popular in the UK and

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