Brits are accusing Americans of going crazier over William and Kate’s royal wedding than THEY are. An astonishing number of reporters and TV crews will be arriving from the US to cover the April 29 event. Visitors with tight budgets might be interested to hear that the Brits are turning Clapham Common park into a campsite for three days during the celebration. The pop-up campsite, dubbed Camp Royale, charges $100 for three nights (April 28 – 30) and features tents and all the expected camp amenities. There’s also an area for luxury RV campers

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  1. How stupid. As if any of them are going to get “THE” picture. There is something really wrong with this world.

  2. If you felt inclined to, you could pick them apart regarding their looks……not that great…….and not that looks are everything.

  3. She’s very pretty. He used to look more like Diana than he does now. It’s as if the closer he gets to 30, the more the half of his genes from Charles’ side of the family are kicking in. I’ve never seen anything quite like it before.

  4. Most of the UK’s reasonable folks are against the Monarchy and could not care less.

  5. I wish/hope the stupid press leaves this woman alone and doesn’t hound her to death the way they did Diana. Perhaps William, having lost his mother to the chasing paps (I still feel at the hands of his grandfather) will take a more active role in protecting HIS wife than his inadequate father did his mother. NOTHING is more wimpy on this planet than Prince Charles and his equally wimpy father who murdered Diana.

    By the way, I don’t believe Harry is Charle’s and wonder if they’ve EVER gotten a DNA test on him and that horse buddy Diana was partying down with…the redheaded one.

  6. RV parks, camping sites, fast food vendors, souvenir sellers… this wedding is starting to sound like a NASCAR event.

  7. Yes, Reta, they did a DNA test on Prince Harry (“The Spare”) a few years ago…but I don’t recall the results ever being released. I fully agree that he’s James Hewitt’s spawn. He looks nothing like the Spencers or Charles’ family, but he’s a carbon copy of Hewitt.

    Incidentally, the rumor has circulated in Europe for many years that Queen Elizabeth’s youngest son isn’t Phillip’s either.

  8. Diana was going to spawn some little arabs. That was not allowed to happen.
    She was such a pretentious, media whore, ditz.
    She had to go. Phil made it so!
    Andrew is a chip off the(racist, goof} old block and his ex, Fergie is an unabashed hustler.
    Harry is a bastard as well.
    The whole family is a joke and, that is why the Brits give not a rip.
    Americans will sit in front of the t.v. and cry into their royal tea towel sets during the wedding ceremony.
    Canadians will watch the Canucks game instead.

  9. The big problem with the Harry is Hewitt’s son theory is his ears. They could only have come from Charles. Hewitt’s ears lie close to his head, as do the ears on males in Diana’s family. There’s a reddish/strawberry blonde hair gene in Diana’s family too. Harry’s hair color is almost identical to Diana’s brother Charles Spencer. It’s pretty clear to me at least, that William strongly favors Charles’ side of the family, and Harry strongly favors Diana’s side. I think it’s purely coincidence that Harry somewhat resembles Hewitt.

    I also think with Hewitt’s history of trying to cash in on his association with Diana, there’s no way he’d neglect to pursue that angle too if he had any reason to believe it true.

  10. I agree with Rick. I think Harry has grown into a mirror image of Diana’s brother. I also used to think that he was unattractive but lately, he seems to have matured into a much more handsome man, the Nazi costume fiasco aside.

    Oh, and I think the fascination with this wedding is that Kate’s a middle class girl who (waiting and waited, and waited some more) and finally got her prince. For some us, and it may sound corny, it’s like a fairy tale come true.

  11. I’d rather watch paint dry than watch their wedding. Who cares?

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