Camille Grammer (above right) says she has no intention of returning for a second season of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” Now that Kelsey Grammer is divorcing his trophy wife – you’d think Camille would welcome the distraction of doing the Bravo series. She has earned herself a questionable reputation on the show (her 2 kids with 4 nannies, her relationship with married tennis partner Nick Stabile, her nasty psychic friend, and her 50 million dollar settlement demand) and the only way to prove she’s a decent person is to continue doing the series. (Plus it increases her chances of finding a trophy husband.) Well, you don’t have to worry about Camille – she happens to be negotiating with Bravo to get her OWN show about her life as a single!


  1. Ho, hum. I sure wouldn’t want to watch. What are they going to call it, A Gold Digging Tramp in Action?

    Definitely seen this coming from 2 Boob Jobs ago!!

  2. This plastified skank is an absolute freak and as money grubbingly obvious as I have ever seen. That crazy witch of a “psychic” friend should be committed to nuthouse. Camille was absolutely nuts in what she was arguing with kyle over, and Kyle is the sanest one of them all as well as the most normal and unplastic looking. She has a lovely face and seems natural and I like her and her husband who both seem very real and loving as well.
    Camille acts like a jealous bitch to ALL the other women, but Kyle the most. I think she is threatened by Kyle’s natural beauty and intelligence, and that Kyle doesn’t have to be a trophy wife like she is.
    Plastic skank with a freak face…I don’t blame Kelsey for ditching her hideous ass and I do think her relationship with that guy is way off-kilter. I think he’s just as money grubbing as she is and playing her like a violin! (A nasty old cracked and weathered one)!

  3. Reta,
    You’ve said it ALL! I completely agree w/ everything. 🙂

  4. Camille is a cunt and rumor has it she was a hooker before she met kelsey. Kyle seems so normal and unpretentious, I think camiile is jealous beyond words. And you’re right Reta, that psychic friend is a friggin NUT!

  5. That “psychic friend” is Allison DuBois, the chick that inspired the show Medium with Patricia Arquette. She’s blaming it all on “editing”…ha! Yeah, right.

  6. I agree with everything “Reta” said. Which reminds me, the one in the middle in the photo above. That’s Taylor Armstrong and she kind of sends up a red flag to me. It appears to me that she seems a bit terrified when there is fussing and fighting and doesn’t want any association with it. She wants to stay out of conflict. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, people like this would never be a real friend and go to bat for you.

  7. Mad: yes, that IS the freak the Medium show is based on and after watching her in all her crazy and drunk and filthy-mouthed glory I can’t IMAGINE how or why anyone ever thought she was something to create a show about. She’s as “psychic” as the turds that fall out of my dog’s ass every morning, and Camille is as attractive. Camille is most likely screwing that tennis whoreman she clings to and if I were Kelsey I’d run not walk to a STD clinic PRONTO and have my peter scrubbed raw of all flesh that ever touched that plastic-faced, cantaloupe-chested “wife” of his. To Kelsey…better luck next time ol boy, even Frasier had better taste (and luck) with the dames than you have! Maybe try to avoid the plastic bimbos next time and go with an actual grown, adult woman with her own face intact who can make a real expression of joy or love or passion. Surely someone in the acting field would appreciate the value of that!

  8. If she gets her own show……it will tank her bad…..she is already tanked in her “Q” rating…the public hates her. She should NOT subject herself (or me) to cameras. (But I don’t watch this mess…..bloggers tell me all I need to know.)

  9. hope she does get her own show…but would really love to see her back on rhobevhills. that show would be beyond boring without her.

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