Why would anyone in their right mind wear THIS dress to a fashion event in Paris? (It was the premier of “Mademoiselle C.”) Has Kim Kardashian completely lost it or did she think she was going to the Adult Film Awards? She gives Americans a BAD NAME! And she’s drawing attention to herself for all the wrong reasons…

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. Those dented breasts are really disgusting, I don’t know why this child insists they’re real.

  2. This ugly, fat, disgusting whore is a legend in her own psycho mind. Somebody piss on her!! Take a s**t on her too!

  3. Her new nose is ugly, as is her hair and body. Please, cover up.

  4. What else could you expect from a talentless hack who is famous for nothing?

    Please – no more Kardashian ANYTHING!!!! If the media ignored them (and their payoffs) they’d disappear into obscurity and we’d be delighted!!!

    Oh yeah – BTW, she looks like a wax vampire.

  5. I can’t stand her and her no talent family. Btw, it’s obvious that they’re fake!

  6. Bwaaaaa haa haaaaaa

    That’s what Kim says, as she rides the CA$H Railway, allll the waaay to da bank, fools!

  7. It is payola for JC and the epic of beauty for every BlACK man!

  8. I think the money train for Kimmode will soon dry up. She is looking old and hard. Time for her to try and come up with a new hook because people are sick to death of her and her talentless family. I see PMK pushing Kendall Jenner now who will soon be 18 and is young and fresh and I am soon she will also pick a black guy to make a sex tape with. Just you wait. Kimmode is all washed up and Kanye’s star is on the wane too! Soon they will be broke but have each other…haha.

  9. most attention people just do it the “Cheap Way”.
    ………..even in France!!

  10. I like her new face and hair–they replace the icky over-exposed ones she had before.
    Wearing drapes? Carol Burnett did it best as Scarlett O’Hara.

  11. are you retarded Strom ? you have a lot of free time eh ? unemployed ? likely !

  12. Poor 998,,,,Kim is the desire of every BLACK man….large ass, blonde, and not very smart.

  13. She’s trying too hard to be Beyonce. Those boobs are misshapen and gross, just like the rest of her.

  14. The parts you cant see are even more distorted….but she is the true desire of every BLACK man!

  15. you’re starting to sound really weird and creepy again @Strom, calm down, take your meds, stop repeating yourself – do you have OCD too ?

  16. Poor Abby….always throwing unsubstantiated barbs at posters but never anything to that is relevant to the thread. Maybe a bit over your head?

  17. Hey strom maybe Abbys comments aren’t so off base. You do often repeat yourself, quite a lot really, without any reason ?

    This does suggest that maybe you are in need of treatment ( not trying to be rude at all )

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