Now that she’s single, Kris Jenner, 59, is living it up like there’s no tomorrow – or like she’s in her twenties again. She whisked her boyfriend Corey Gamble onto a private jet and they flew to Aspen for New Year’s Eve. After hitting a fundraiser at the St Regis hotel there in her chinchilla coat, Kris and Corey met some friends at Bootsy Bellows where Kris had a reserved table and the most expensive bottle service. It’s not often that WOMEN blow huge amounts of money at these clubs – according to employees it’s usually Saudi princes or ostentatious rappers. Kris didn’t flinch at her $20,000 tab! She treats her dates RIGHT.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News



  1. She is as talentless and delusional as her daughters and equally as willing to open her legs to BLACK men.

  2. Does she have enough fillers and fake tan, good grief. Of course she is throwing the cash around, no way that guy would be with her otherwise.

  3. Whatever she does is fine – I just don’t want to hear about it. They all need to go away.

  4. She is looking like Robert Z’Dar aka the face. Her head must weigh a ton with all that liquid and other crap she has injected or whatever she does.

  5. Wilson hit it,,,,JCH is happy to print the Press Release as breaking news!

  6. Try as she might, she looks old. Is OJ doing any more talking about his times of pounding her?

    All Kardashian women went BLACK early and often. A disgrace to their race!

  7. She has to be paying the baby pretty good bucks in order for him to be with someone like her. Look at the mirror grandma…

  8. Kim’s money is supporting them all.

    All because she let some athlete piss on her and immediately leaked the video. Everyone sounds so pissed off about the K family, but the hunger for news of their garbage will never be satiated.

  9. Yep…look at all the Kardashian PR, called news, that JCH puts out!

  10. she looks horrible in that pic… what the heck did she do to her face??

  11. She totally OD’d on fillers and on Botox, and as a result she now resembles The Joker. Whoever her doctor is stinks.

  12. She does NOT need Kim’s money although she probably collects her manager’s fee. The KUWTK earned approx 244m globally last year.

  13. All that is needed for this sick relationship to flourish is:

    Corey’s huge appendage.

    Her big bucks $$$$$.

    A bag over her head.

  14. Would it bother her or make her proud if a picture was released with a BLACK man pounding her hard from the rear? What if it was OJ?

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