Life just keeps getting more exciting for Alec Baldwin – that’s what happens when you marry a woman 26 years younger than yourself. Alec and his yoga instructor wife Hilaria took a Sunday stroll with their two adorable dogs and baby daughter Carmen. Hilaria excitedly announced that they are expecting a baby boy in 2015. Alec still seems somewhat dazed at the prospect of another baby so soon – it’s a good thing Hilaria is loaded with energy.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI


  1. It’s a strong possibility, IMO, that Hilaria tricked him into thinking she was on the pill. He’s surprised, she’s not.

  2. I was so glad that the year of her endless yoga pictures ended, but now I see she plans to give pregnancy “advice”. Clearly she married him for the bucks and the “fame”

  3. How exactly does Janet, who doesn’t know Alec, know wheat he’s thinking and feeling? Obviously she doesn’t which means that Janet is, yet again, making schit up again. Janet is such a coont.

  4. This wife is so effen tedious. AB will be 57 when the baby’s born.

  5. Janet is back from the Lesbian Cruise to Nowhere? Maybe a hot scoop on Ronni Chasen?

  6. He can probably afford it, besides when he’s dead and gone she will have her kids to fall back on. You never see poor guy celebrities knocking up their wives or girl friends do you. Of course, not. Because, she’s still on the market looking for a rich guy to hook.

  7. Marry in haste.

    Repent in leisure.

    And that sage advice applies to both of them. 🙁 🙂

  8. The age-old, best way to assure a solid financial future, if you’re a golddigger, is to drop the anchor quickly by getting pregnant, like Marla Maples, Melania Trump, this one, and countless others.

  9. He certainly doesn’t look happy. She, on the other hand, is on the lookout for any pap with a camera.

  10. Just hope the kids dont get fat of ugly the. We well year phone cover sait-on like Alec bled in did to his first daughter WOW was that terri hing axl il and wad

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