No surprise that a cute South Korean boy band visited Good Morning America this week. But this time is was not BTS, the band that always draws a huge and emotional crowd of fans. This group of adorable faces belongs to Tomorrow X Together TXT. Last month BTS announced they were going on hiatus “to pursue solo projects.” They’ve been together for 9 years and say they have all “changed” (grown up) and have new ideas. Their fans were distraught, but TXT is more than ready to fill the void!

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA

4 thoughts on “BTS? NOPE. IT’S THE NEW K-POP BAND TXT!

  1. Janet, America is just not interested in feminized asian boy bands. Some record producer made a huge mistake

  2. America IS interested in Kpop and ‘feminized Asian boy bands’ as Xenophobic Sarah called them. Kpop is starting to get very popular in the US, along with k-dramas and Korean restaurants. Either embrace it or mind your own business.

  3. nobody should ’embrace’ kpop. Teens in Korea have lost their lives as have some artists . it should be banned like in china

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