No one gets a bigger kick out of Bruce Jenner’s sex-change torment than his ex-wife Kris. If Bruce is NOT headed toward transgenderville, Kris could have nipped the rumors in the bud after he had his Adam’s apple surgery. She just giggled and didn’t say a word. As the long hair and nail polish fueled more rumors, Kris scoffed at the stories but didn’t downright deny them. Now that Bruce is on the cover of In Touch and they photoshopped makeup on his face, Kris manages to be politically correct and still implicate Bruce by saying “It’s just mean- whether or not it’s true!”

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  1. How sweet bruce and the ugly jenner sister both made the cover of the magazine. what’s next? Matching boob jobs?

  2. I bet the Methuselah Kardashian gal’s are all jealous and want to be on the cover next! Bruce go far, far away from these vain, hateful, witless gals and have a happy life.

  3. True or not, one thing is sure: this man is almost totally destroyed.

  4. Brucs Jenner has a right to pursue his happiness. This publication is awful. I won’t read articles like this or those outlets that publish them. Enough! I admire and respect Bruce Jenner – he seems to be a good person and he looks great.

    Leave him alone.

  5. that LIPSTICK looks pretty fruitful on him, hahahahahahahahahahaha

  6. I don’t give a rat’s ass if he turns into a female, whatever. After being married to Linda Thompson (Elvis ex) and Kris Jenner, it is an absolute fact that these gals have contributed in a major way to him having severe mental disorder. (Kris mostly). Lord knows what is going to happen to him.

  7. terrible photoshop job.
    so ridiculous.
    the new york post found the source photo of the drag pic, its a photograph of the actress stephanie beecham superimposed with a stock photo of bruce jenner.

    as little as i respect the kardashian klan, ive even less respect for a cheap publication that makes up asinine stories like this.

    and even if this all turns out to be true, SO WHAT?!

  8. I agree that the press should leave him alone and not stalk him like they do. He is a good and decent person. End of story….

  9. Things may end badly for Bruce, and the Kardashians are primarily to blame.

  10. I feel for him. Going through this under the Kardashian microscope. I imagine the family thinks this will keep them relevant for a while longer. As for the magazine – just despicable.

    Like somebody said, this could end in tears and recriminations, but I hope not.

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