We’re not buying Star‘s story about Kevin Federline threatening to have Britney‘s hair analyzed for drugs. They claim he planned to use the results against her in court in their battle for child custody. The tabloid claimed THAT’S why Britney cut off all her hair. If that were the case, why would Britney leave all her chopped off hair behind on the salon floor? She knew it was collectible and could easily end up on eBay or in a lab. We don’t believe the lice story either.


  1. After this second exit from rehab, I couldn’t care less what happens to her. I really wish Kfed would get those kids – he certainly has his poop in a group compared to her.

  2. I dont get it. Kevin is a notorious smoker, weed toker, prostitute cheater, drinker and all around slimy lowlife of an undeveloped excuse for a sperm germinater. this guy left his pregnant girlfriend shar to go run off with britney. i dont think i believe this one, and im not sure that i even care anymore.
    this is like one of those ABC afternoon school specials that you show kids in middleschool and then talk to them about the moral of the story.
    (someone should have peeled that size sticker off of her old navy pants.)

  3. What is wrong with cutting all your hair off and why are people making such a big deal out of it and it is her hair and she can do anything she wants with it. She is being harrassed and bothered and treated like a crimanal and it is not fair and,I Still love her as a singer and I think that every one needs to back off and give this woman some breathing space. She can’t make a move or do anything without the world coming down on her.

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