Brad Pitt appears to be a casual guy but few people know that he’s really interested in fashion and CARES about what he wears. As soon as he hit it big in Hollywood and started working steadily, he acquired a stylist to shop for him. He doesn’t have the time or inclination to shop for himself, but he knows what he wants. He tells his personal shopper what to look for and she brings him a large selection of things he asks for as well as suggestions of her own. That’s why he never looks like a slob. (Above, Brad was photographed looking dapper in tweed, leaving the Greenwich Hotel in New York.)

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI


  1. Time to change the help, Brad, if this is ‘looking good’ he looks like an Irish tramp!

  2. He looks like a middle aged man that shops at The Gap. Ridiculous !

  3. He doesn’t look the same since he had some work done on his face this year.

  4. Yep, and he is not as delusional as his wife. Is Jenny Shimizu still servicing Angie on the sly?

  5. I hardly think anyone would stop him on the street and compliment him for being a fashion plate. Uh Uh, no, never.

  6. Never looks like a slob? Are you kidding me? Half of his photos show him being a slob and looking like he would stink.

    I am not a fan of him. Whoever woman he is with is what he becomes.

    Remember that preppy look when he was dating stringy haired, goopy Gwyneth Paltrow ? Remember what a punk he was with Juliet Lewis? He had that stoner/pothead thing going with Aniston.

  7. you people are nuts. he looks really nice, tho at 1st i did think she was talking about his plastic surgery…… he’s gorgeous.

  8. Before I read any comments: What inthehell happened to Pitt?
    Plastic surgery, botox, what? Men look so better when they age naturally. Pitt looks like a freak side show, very sad to say.

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