6106_willis60236-1.jpgWe love to point it out when celebrities children are well behaved. (Perhaps because so many are NOT!) Demi Moore and Bruce Willis’s offspring Tallulah has obviously been well brought up. The twelve year old already loves fashion and she a couple of girlfriends recently shopped the flea market at the Santa Monica airport. Tallulah ( her friends called her “Lulah” ) eagerly inspected the vintage bakelite jewelry and asked all kinds of questions about it’s history. She carefully tried on some slip dresses and a vintage jacket. One vendor said “She was adorable – polite, inquisitive, and careful with all the delicate items. And she didn’t ask for a DISCOUNT!”

9 thoughts on “BORN TO SHOP

  1. “And she didn’t ask for a DISCOUNT!”

  2. Tallulah? I think all of Demi and Bruce’s kids have very strange names-poor kids!

  3. Odd names for sure. And considering the size of Demi’s ego, her mom should have named her Maxi!

  4. the point was her not being “a spoiled the world owes me because of who I am” young lady…kudos to her parents

  5. thanks, it went O/T. She does look like a good kid! Polite and a good little shopper. (y’hear that, Paris and Lilo!!)

  6. Nice to hear stuff like this (too). Is it just me or is she wearing this impish expression, like she could be a hellraiser if she felt like it? Maybe I’m misreading…

  7. She’s a very cute kid-and lucky, because the other two…well, let’s just say that their looks are ‘unfortunate’ and leave it at that. I never thought that Demi was particularly pretty, but the combo of her genes and Bruce’s didn’t work out so well, especially for their oldest daughter!

  8. She looks like the female Damien. The Willis-Guynes genes are a lethal combo.

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