Don’t hesitate to see Woody Allen’s new movie “Blue Jasmine.” Although the story of Wall Street greed can be viewed as tragic- the characters are hilarious – and that includes Cate Blanchett. Nobody writes upper class egocentric New York characters better than Woody. He knows all their idiosyncrasies. And when they are forced to associate with “ordinary people” the results are laugh out loud hilarious. The funny thing is all the rich people in Woody’s movie have upper east side accents and the poor people have Brooklyn accents. Even though they live in San Francisco! Cate Blanchett is a fish out of water when she moves in with her less aspiring sister. Many amusing situations result, but the message that disaster CAN be survived keeps the story upbeat. And very entertaining.


  1. I think I see that prick himself in the pic. That’s gotta be ol’ Alec “Ugly Temper” Baldwin.

    Yep, I just googled it and sure enough the ol’ bastard is in this movie. I wonder what the dynamics have been on the set? He’s such an azz and of course Woody is just a disgusting perv. Why doesn’t Morgan Freeman join in? He and Woody have a lot in common.

  2. Yes indeed. This looks very promising. Saw the preview clip and seems smart, funny and vintage Allen.

  3. Another crap coming from the old pedophile…. Yeah, dumb Americans, go give ur money to him, pay to see this shit….

  4. Every film from this creepy old Perv is the same! Makes sense that most film execs(old rich pervert white guys) relate to scum like this and continue to let him make film after film. Always given praise by dumb-ass critics who are shockingly the same demographic! Newsflash to out of touch Corporate Scum Executives: the public doesn’t need another story about spoiled elite white male neurosis from a millionaire pedophile who should have done jail time= BORING & SICK!

  5. I will not give another dime of my money to this dirty old man

  6. nope, no money to the pedophile and I don’t go to see Alec anymore either.

  7. And of course, apart from everything else, Woody imagines that all supermarket checkout girls live in huge manhattan apartments…..what a dozy overrated nebbish this bloke is.

  8. I never watch anything that has to do with Woody Allen or Alec Baldwin!

  9. Cate Blanchard will win this year’s Oscar, or at least be nominated. This is an EXCELLENT film and I found it very entertaining. Woody Allen is NOT a “perv” or anything but a very talented eccentric who made some wrong choices along the way (who hasn’t?) but his films are movies for people who THINK. It only opened in a few theaters in Los Angeles and New York but did EXCELLENT business. I saw it at the Arclight on a Friday afternoon and the theatre was SOLD OUT.

  10. Right… most men end up fooling around with their girlfriend’s daughter, especially a man who has helped raise the daughter. Don’t forget a the fact that the girlfriend’s daughter is half-sister to his sons.

    Anyone who suggests that Woody Allen’s choices are normal, understandable, or acceptable is just plain nuts! Mr. Allen has no sense of boundaries or appropriateness.

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