b82beyoncecut.jpgWe couldn’t help but laugh when we heard a comment made by Beyonce recently. Keep in mind, she lost a lot of weight to play her Diana Ross inspired character, Deena, in Dreamgirls, and she was led to believe that this would be the role that put her on the acting map and get her all sorts of recognition. But in fact, Jennifer Hudson’s hefty character Effie had more drama and better songs and SHE’S getting all the awards and attention. It’s been a big disappointment for Beyonce and an acquaintance tattled that in a weak moment she sighed “Sometimes I wish I had GAINED weight to play Effie instead.”


  1. It is all OLD NEWS on Janet C…..Beyonce definately has a plump booty at her age…in a few years it is more closer resemble Star Jones or the mighty Latifah (who doesnt speak much about the encounters with Mike Tyson during his rich days).

  2. I thought she made this comment on Oprah. She’s eaten up with jealousy.

  3. No matter how much weight she gains, she still won’t have the pipes.

  4. She will have to start showing her clam onstage soon like Little Kim, in order to get press..she is set for ’07 but after that will be old meat!

  5. Beyonce is a gem unto herself. There is plenty of attention to go around…and she has had, and will continue to have, plenty of it.

  6. Beyonce is pretty and an average talent, marketed just right. Jennifer Hudson is a major acting and singing talent. It doesn’t matter what weight either one is. Jennifer is much more talented. Beyonce is ok, that’s all.

  7. Have you seen her Sports Illustrated spread? I think that she’s totally trying to show up Jennifer’s Vogue shoot! “Look at me honey! I am soo fine! You will never be asked to do a swimsuit spread, that’s fo’ sho’!” What a b*tch.

  8. Considering that magazine spreads are done months in advance and the Sports Illustrated issue is planned down to the letter, I doubt Beyonce would have had any idea of Jennifer Hudson doing Vogue. You people really love to create drama

  9. Beyonce has always conducted herself like a lady. She will be a great SI cover model and she is smart to put her House of Derrier designed swimsuit collection in the layout.

  10. 12:27 am=====
    Both covers coming out at the same time! Meaning both girls preparing at the same time. HELLO! So I’m sure Bouncy Tree Trunk Thighs had a heads up on Jennifer’s cover from the beginning! “Oh so she’s doing Vogue, eh?” She knows she can show up Jennifer in the swimsuit dept. B*tch.

  11. that is so true, they had her nasty jiggly ass all cinched up in dreamgirls because she has those thunder thighs. no more popeyes chicken for her. she is pure cellulite. jay-z is a chubby chaser.

  12. Beyonce and Jay Z officially broke up yesterday. They’re done. This is true and not a joke.

  13. Beyonce is such a camera whore. She thinks just because she has a fat a$$ she can just do everything all the time and everyone is in love with her. What a douchebag.

  14. Beyonce can say or think what she wants to think but those who saw the movie know the truth. The directors know if someone is good for a part or not. I think they knew she doesn’t have the voice range that Jennifer does. Why do you think Destiny’s child changes members so much. Beyonce can only get along with someone if they let her be the star.

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