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Here’s a Valentine for all you readers who have an aversion to Paris Hilton. (At least that’s what you tell us.) During Grammy weekend, Paris and her posse sneaked into the Sony party in the Beverly Hills Hotel. Apparently she knows of an obscure entrance. Anyway, she was starting to mingle when security approached her and informed her that she was NOT ON THE LIST! She couldn’t talk her way into their good graces and agreed to leave, but dawdled and chatted as she slowly headed to the exit. Guards became annoyed and MARCHED Paris and her embarrassed friends OUT like sheep.

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  1. Tick Tock, Tick Tock.That sound you hear is Paris 15 mins down to 1.Thats Hot.

  2. It’s really too bad they didn’t beat her to a pulp.
    She is slowly becoming a social leper. That’s a good thing.
    Still waiting for her to do an Anna Nicole swan song into hell.

  3. Go, Sony! Finally, somebody with good taste! I wouldn’t let her in the door either. Let’s hope others follow suit. She’s definitely “not on the list.”
    And you’re right, we don’t want anymore Paris stories!

  4. Awesome! Could this be the end of Paris Hilton? It sounds too good to be true!

  5. The world as it should be! Paris racist, herpes infected, coke whore, liar Hilton should be banned forever. I hope Howard Stern looks her up!

  6. Apparently while being escorted out something described as black and slimy by witnesses fell off of Paris and scuttled away hissing and shrieking to a dark corner.


  8. Leave Paris alone! She is a warm soulful gal. People are JEALOUS of her so they wanna put her down. She happens to be a great tipper. She leaves 25.oo tips for one cup of coffee. She always acts like a lady and is extremely polite with please and thank you. Now get your own life and leave Paris alone. Having envy is the crime! Pool Player #1

  9. nah, sony is not taking some moral highroad, its just that she has already fucked all of the people at the party and they want some fresh meat. they don’t want to take any chances that paris or her friends will photograph them snorting coke and saying retarded things, too. now that paris’ moments of fame are going down the toilet, all of her so called party friends are dropping her like a hot potato.

  10. i think that the secret door that paris used to get in was the delivery truck bay. she floated by the dirty sheets and towels. i think she stole some of those hotel soaps, too.

  11. And let that be the reason!!! She had to SNEAK in? Sad litle girl. In the words of the poet laurete, Tupac, “She thought it was but it wasn’t”. HA!

  12. Uh, ale xis… are nice to defend her, but first of all 25 dollars to her is like a penny to any of us. She could afford to leave 250 dollar tips easily. Secondly, are you poor, middle class, educated in public school, Black, Japanese, Jewish, ugly, weigh more than an anorexic, or have to work for a living? If so, paris was mocking you, along with the rest of us on those tapes. She is a dirty, herpes infected idiot. There is NEVER an excuse to be a racist, EVER.

  13. Actually she is banned from the hotel it was held at. She walked in headed for the bar, and security came in and told her she wasn’t wanted there and showed her the door. Finally someone standing up to the bitch…. Yessssssssssss

  14. Omg the comments on here made me laugh when i needed it.Thanks Guys

  15. You people are so sad.
    Why are you jealous of Paris? She has a great life and you all don’t. She can buy and sell you. Grow up and look in the mirror but it may crack like your brain. Stop putting Paris DOWN! Godly soul..

  16. You people are so sad.
    Why are you jealous of Paris? She has a great life and you all don’t. She can buy and sell you. Grow up and look in the mirror but it may crack like your brain. Stop putting Paris DOWN! Godly soul..

  17. check out that picture again. paris has these humongous man hands.
    the only thing hot about paris is her crotch rot.
    happy valentines day, dahlink.

  18. Can’t wait to see if she tries to beg her way into Elton John’s after Oscars party/charity benefit again this Sunday. She showed up last year without a ticket & the required donation to his Aids Charity. She was turned away and got upset and pulled that “don’t you know who I am crap”. They finally let her in when she promised to send her check in later…which I’ve read she never did. I do hope this is her final minute!

  19. R U folks insane???? What has happened to Janet Carlson? She used to be on top.
    Paris Hilton will be around long after the haters wind up in the Loony Bin , State Prison, or the unemployment lines.

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