Did Beyonce forget something? She is pictured here leaving Nello in New York after eating with her husband Jay-Z. Her upper body is liberally clad in Chanel while her lower half is minimally covered in cut-off denim. She looks a bit unbalanced and dare we say – underdressed – for a restaurant that charges $22 for chicken soup.

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  1. Love ur website BUT the ads that are now residing in the bottom 3rd of the photos must go. I would pay for those to go away IF the price was appropriate.

  2. With all the money that, that girl has she dresses like a hooker!

  3. One word from Reta’s comment: GHETTO

    One word from Barkley’s comment: TRASH


    And, just one look at Jay-Z, and that conjures up two words: DOUBLE FUGLY.

  4. A professional streetwalker/whore/hooker/prostitute would kick her out of their profession if they could and tell her to come back when she can learn to DRESS BETTER.

  5. She should have been thrown out of the cafe. Ghetto all the way….worse than J Lo. Money cant buy class.

  6. Well, I guess she is ready to give up the crown to the real single ladies because she is now married and will loose her “I am single and ready to bang” luster very soon. Just like aguilera, ritchie, and all those younguns who made their mark selling sexy. She hid her marriage as long as she could, but j-z wants kiddies from her.

    The marketing is just not the same for mommies with babies viewed as bangers.

    Beyonce looks like she is likely to blow up during pregnacy and stay blown up, unlike some ladies who are lucky to bounce back in no time. Her legs will become cankles. Oh oh. Good luck to her springing back. In the meanwhile, go away to be mommy,

    Lady Gaga and Taylor, your turn for now.

  7. don’t let her fool ya:

  8. Girl B is still just a pawn for JZ and the others who play her for the fool and chase after the other ho’s!

    Very shallow in the brains dept!

  9. Please stop associating money with class; e.g., Nello’s is a restaurant that charges $22 for soup not because it’s classy, but because it’s for stupid people with a lot of money that think it’s classy. Nello couldn’t care less how anyone dresses, as long as they show up, pay his exorbitant prices and he can use them for PR to attract more of the same.

  10. The “outfit” was tacky to say the least. She said in a interview that JayZ prefers that she wears heels all the time, even to the bathroom at home! He wants kids but as soon as she gets big he’ll lose interest. She better lose the baby weight real fast!

  11. Well, what do you call Lady Gaga? Trailer trash. She goes around almost completely naked in public. That’s right I forgot only black celebrities are criticized on this website.

  12. Racist, racist, racist and I can’t wait to you’ve to answer to God for being such nasty people.

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