Photos via: Daily Mail

Let’s give credit where credit is due. We were staggered by these glamorous photos of Michelle Obama taken at the BET Awards. It’s the best we’ve ever seen her look – perfect from head to toe.


  1. Meh, well, maybe the dress is kinda.. well,….nah. Um, perhaps the hair? Nah. Well, at least she isn’t overweight.

  2. She looks lovely and she’s handling the juggling of ALL of her jobs very, very well. Keep up the great work, Mrs. Obama!

  3. Yes, very glamorous, but needed a little softening around the face with a less severe hairdo.

  4. I’m a fan of the intelligent and well-spoken first lady, but I don’t think much of this color. I thought she looked much prettier in the yellow dress she wore before, and I also am not much into that one shouldered huge ruffle. She also seems to have something shiny all over her skin and it’s very distracting. Other than that, her face is lovely and the hairdo is different and attractive on her. I would have liked to see her in some fabulous loaned jewelry like the movie stars always wear tho too. It seems not many of them wear much fancy jewelry anymore, like in the old days of stars like Liz and I miss seeing those fabulous over-the-top pieces that no one can afford to buy so they just borrow them from the jeweler.

  5. Respect nothing! Can’t agree with her husband that is not citizen of the u.s. And taking away civil liberties on the ndaa act.

  6. Give her credit for trying, but she must have used Aretha’s hairdresser.

  7. Is this supposed to distract us from the Bigger Mess they have put us in and the Collapse to come while they live large with hollywood and media elites.

  8. Agree w/ above except they are not part of media elite by any means. More part of old Chicago group of black politicians. Very much the problem in feeding off the taxpayers tap for many years. Community Organizers dont get paid by the private sector. Happy they had an opportunity but 2013 needs to be the year they go back home.

  9. Not a fan of the hairstyle, but she looks fabulous in that dress. Love the well toned arms.

    Did I miss an obnoxious comment that, egads, actually got deleted from this site?

  10. I beg to differ. Michelle Obama often looks fabulous. She rarely plays the “safe” card in the fashion game. She’s fearless.

  11. She looks lovely & incredibly fit in the gorgeous gown. Normally, I like her hair down but she looks great in the photo.

  12. If she can do anything to help the increase the graduation rate of BLACKS and decrease their interest in rappers and ghetto hoop wearing street women as role models, she will have accomplished more for her race and America than any previous First Lady. So far, seems to be no emphasis on this.

  13. This looks like the hairstyle she was wearing when she was sweating it up planting a vegetable garden at the White House. Then she went inside and fixed herself a huge chocolate sundae with nuts, sprinkles, whipped cream, and a cherry on top.

  14. ^^^Error^^^That is, she had one of her many assistants fix it for her. lol

  15. Indy, you’re starting to sound racist. Is hanging out with strom rubbing off on you girl?

  16. Forgot to “thank her” for pressuring chain restaurants into serving smaller portions while charging the same price or raising the prices cause of inflation.

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