paris_nicole.jpgIf we have to hear one more word about Paris and Nicole’s mysterious “feud” we’re going to slit our wrists. Let’s clear up the “mystery” once and for all. For those who don’t already know, what happened was, Paris invited her best friend Nicole to costar on HER new reality show The Simple Life a few years ago.The first season of the show was a hit and soon Nicole decided she wanted a raise. Instead of consulting Paris , she went straight to producers and asked for more money. Paris was OUTRAGED that her friend “went behind her back” and asked for the same salary as hers. After all it WAS Paris’s show! She considered Nicole a traitor and tried to get her kicked off the show and replaced by her new best friend Kimberly Stewart. But producers felt Nicole was the funny one and she was essential to the show’s success. That REALLY infuriated Paris. Their feud only made the show MORE popular. Interestingly enough, not long ago, Paris was seen walking out of Nicole’s W est Hollywood condo. A secret meeting?

29 thoughts on “BEHIND THE SIMPLE LIFE

  1. I wish they would both take a trip to the moon and stay there.

  2. I heard Nicole screened Paris’ sex tape? That rumor is more entertaining.

  3. Janet, good stuff. Never heard it before, just the “she knows what she did” line.
    If it’s true, I like Paris even less! C’mon girl… money’s free and easy, you should know that! Sour grapes in the mansion.

  4. Can’t stand Paris Hilton. Nicole is much more entertaining. All Paris does for the show is whine and talk like a little girl while looking like a whore. She is so annoying.

  5. I highly doute anyone would have watched that dumbass show if it was only Paris. That chick is like an empty vessel. That chick has nothing to offer society. Oh btw what about that rumor about Nicole showing the Paris porno at some party she had. Was that true?

  6. Nicole Richie is pseudo skeleton leechbag.
    Paris should dump her 4 eva!

  7. I think Paris feelings were hurt when she finally discovered that the show was popular because of Nicole not her.
    Oh well, “thumbs up” for Nicole for asking for money. The girl has brains!

  8. I agree with the first poster -trip to the moon for them. They should be able to survive just fine without oxygen – doesn’t appear they use enough anyway.
    But, I am sooo ashamed of myself because I actually kind of like Parasite’s single. I’m such scum.

  9. OMG, STOP trying to promote that stupid loser on this site. You are doing nothing but hurting whatever dim chance in hell he has of being successful. Tell him to stop trying to “pout” his stupid lips. He looks like a psycho.

  10. Constantine: you know not to come around here unless you have gift bags for us!
    ; )

  11. AS usual, you are 100% wrong!
    The feud is due to the fact that Nicole invited friends over to watch Paris host SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE and showed Paris’ steamy sex video.
    Also, this “tidbit” is years old….
    Anon Expert

  12. Yup, it was Nicole the screening “One Night in Paris” at a party, not this cleaned up story!

  13. Isn’t Paris’s 15 minutes of fame over yet? Why does the press continue to cover this self-important airhead?
    Nobody cares!!!!!!!

  14. With these two, the stories can change every hour.

  15. If Paris Hilton got any dumber she would be mentally incapable of making choices, I cannot believe people are still fooled by this ugly, non-dancing, non-singing super big foot girl! At least her sister and Nicole are doing things that they really are good at, instead of making albums wasting young teens money!

  16. I heard the raise rumor also. and I heard that nicole after the 2nd season was trying to get a spin off of her own show which didnt include paris.
    altho i also heard nicole was talking behind paris’s back and was out with shannon doherty(paris’s ex bf’s ex-wife) and paris caught wind..
    so who knows the real story.. who really cares anymore?

  17. first, let me make clear that i am no paris hilton fan but i’m always amused when people are so vitriolic about her lack of talent….she has written a #1 best selling book (ny times bestseller list), starred in a #1 hit movie (opening week-end house of wax), starred in a hit tv series and had a hit record…now, what exactly have you folks done lately? i’m jus’ askin’…..

  18. 7:15, good points, she’s got something America is interested in. I don’t now about that book being #1 but if you say so! (AND she has a perfume.) I still think she’s just really really lucky.

  19. Well just because something is number one doesn’t make it good. House of Wax-if you paid money to see it and you are over 18 you are dumber than her. Also most people havn’t done what she has(movies,books,and music) because most people have real jobs! Lets see Paris do something for someone other than herself and do it well, then we can cheer about it. For now we know its all about her money, who even knows if Paris read her own book- does she really know that many words?!

  20. Real reason behind Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie’s feud

    If you still don’t know the real reason Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie are fighting about now, there is yet another theory about why they are not on speaking terms. According to Janet Charlton Hollywood, the real reason is Nicole asked the produ…

  21. Nicole screened Paris’ video after the fight began.

  22. when are u guys going 2 realize that nicole & Paris never had a fight, it’s all just showbiz, public enemies – secret friends.

  23. Public enemies & secret friends sounds about right. And why does Nicole have to go to Paris for a raise or even discuss it with her? Did Paris discuss what shoes or outfit with Nicole first?
    It’s the producers who have to agree on the money. And what would Paris have done if the shoe ‘were’ on the other foot?
    I always wonder what these Alpha Bitches would do if all the doormats they’ve been walking on, just disappeared overnight, and they were left holding the bag . . . of crap they’ve always enjoyed dumping on other people!!!!!!!!

  24. I think that this whole thing is really fake. Anything for a buck. From what u hear, they both want it all. I wish those bitches would step in ym shoes. They will not make it one damn day. If all i had to worry about is ” what color shoes am I gonna wear”, or should i do some more herion i think i gained 1/4 pnd. Man they both need to get off the screen. Were is the Real “Real world” you know c’mon people

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