Wknife.jpgViewers who love the Fox reality show Hell’s Kitchen with Gordon Ramsey MIGHT be wondering why they haven’t seen hide nor hair of last season’s winner Chef Michael. Usually last season’s winners pop up somewhere in the current season. Here’s what Chef Michael told me: He said that last March Fox called and asked him to help them promote the new season. They wanted him to spend a day entertaining a large group of invited press people. He was to create a menu, and spend a day demonstrating how to prepare it for the reporters. At night Michael was to prepare the same meal for everyone at a banquet. Sounds like fun, but it was a lot of work and Michael asked if he would be compensated. (No figures were ever mentioned.) Fox said “We’ll get back to you.” Days later they emailed him “We won’t need your services.” And he wasn’t asked to be involved in the new season. Guess they figured he should work FREE – some nerve considering he won Top Chef but never got his own restaurant, as promised.

10 thoughts on “DON'T CALL US, WE'LL CALL YOU

  1. These reality shows are like CEOs, making money off everyone else.
    How about sumthin’ for MICHAEL??

  2. We knew he wasn’t going to get the restaurant. Ramsey was going to take him to London to work in his restaurant there.
    Any word on that?

  3. Yes, I remember he chose to continue his training with Chef Ramsey.
    However, I do not see anything wrong with asking for a fee.

  4. Yes but dont forget to mention he did get a money sum for winning

  5. Poor Micheal from the first show,What Happen to you Mr…Did you run out of Ideas and I though that you would had made them the 250 thousand dollars 10 times over in order to stay in your contract,..That means you have to make sure that your food is so good that the smell goes right down the street but honey you must not be making them enough money to keep your job..Sweet poor baby.. It is a Shame and I had wish well for you and wanted you to blow up in so many good ways and I thought you where set for life.

  6. Come on Michael you had a 3 year contract and you had a shot at your own job and you pass that by to go for training under CHEF RAMSAY IN LONDON and yes that sound great but on the other hand having a job of your own and being the boss was a great offer and I thought because of fear of always walking on egg shells and fear of doing something wrong was going to happen,,To me the smart thing was to take the job and be the boss and not have to work under any one and of course what did you do with the money and I Know the I.R.S. will take 20% each year and after some bills like rent/light/heat/phone/cable/insurance and other little things here and there was some money to open your own place down the road would had rocked and know what are you doing Sir?

  7. Michael seeing the fear in your eyes and coming up with that TUNA DISH REALLY WAS NICE AND WONDERFUL AND YES I CAN UNDERSTAND YOU WINNING AND GETTING THE JOB But you pushed that aside for a job of training with Chef Ramsay and who in there right mind would do that and why not take the job and work for 3 years and then do the training in London..Yes that did freak me out you passing on the job Michael and yes I love the way you work but what keeps a place alive is coming up with Ideas and keeping the public interested and keep them wanting to come back but you have to keep in mind of always making massive amount of money to cover every one as well in the place and so you have to clear a monthly income and the only reason I Could think of them dropping you is that you where not making them money big time and that you where boring and bland or something you lost like passion and care or your way of thinking went down hill but I Know that you are good and creative from what I Saw and how is your wife Lola?

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