Some might recall the 2001 moment when Heath Ledger, the new Batman, was 22 and single, having another fling with actress and torch singer Lisa Zane. Lisa met Heath a few years back when they were both filming in Australia and they had a mad fling, although he was nearly fifteen years younger than she was. It was enough to end Lisa’s relationship with Michael DesBarres. Heath adores older women but at the time Lisa feared he was too young for her and after awhile she broke it off. Once he was more mature and established, Lisa let him know she’s interested again and he was been a regular visitor at her Beverly Hills home.

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  1. So when did he start dating his other older woman Naomi Watts?

  2. I am an Aussie who is a big Heath Ledger fan. He didn’t just have a ‘mad fling’ with Lisa Zane. They were together for 2 years, from 1998 to 2000. He met her on the set of Roar in Queensland and when the show got cancelled she returned to LA and Heath followed his heart and followed her there. He then got together with Australian model Christina Cauchi (his age) who he had kind of started dating/chasing before he had gone to Queensland for Roar. Christina actually met him the very first day he arrived in Sydney from Perth to pursue acting, so he wasn’t even famous yet or anything. Anyway, they lived in LA and NY until he dumped her for Heather Graham (9 years older) who he met while they were both on location in Prague for different movies. They were together from 2000-2001, by which time again he returned to Christina Cauchi. He then dumped her again when he met Naomi Watts (11 years older) on the set of Ned Kelly in June 2002, and in turn dumped her for Michelle Williams (1 year younger) who he met pre-production of Brokeback Mountain in March 2004 and started dating shortly after. Naomi was devastated. 7 months later Michelle was ‘accidently’ pregnant. That’s Heath for you……gets bored with his women and just loves the initial feeling of being in love.

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