We LOVE this clip of David Bowie’s first major television performance singing “Space Oddity” in 1970. The brilliant Richard Metzger dug it up for Dangerous Minds and did us all a favor. Most enthralling is Bowie’s emphatic disco style – very Bee Gees inspired and long before he perfected his own look. He sounds great.


  1. He looked kinda geeky in those horrid pants.

    I can’t say much about the hair because I adopted a smiliar look around that time.

    Unmistakable is his smooth brilliant voice. He’s still a favorite of mine and puts on a heck of a great concert too!

  2. @Walt,

    Totally agree with the outfit, although, polyester & gabardine with a mismatch of patterns was huge back then. Go figure? Regardless, he’s a true musician who managed to adapt to the times & remain true to his roots.

  3. @yoyo,

    I wore tops that were similar to that with the flared legs on denim pants. In the eighties, I thought I looked like a fool in the 70’s. Now, when I look back, I think it isn’t all that bad. lol 🙂

    I used to love watching the midnight special to see all the cool acts.

  4. he knew it bach then…..

  5. Unfortunately my sound isn’t working but he’s one of my fave singers and I hate to say I lived (survived) this time in clothing styles and remember it too clearly considering the shape I was in back then.

    MY signature favorite going out dancing dress was a shiny copper colored short dress with a psychedelic train in colors of navy blue and maroon running on warbling tracks, with a low cut square neckline and babydoll puffed sleeves. I danced em all under the tables in that dress, or at least outside to cool off. I also had a brown paisley patterned neru styled jacket with matching bell bottomed hip hugger pants. The set was really cool and double breasted with gold buttons. I enjoyed that time in my life a lot and lived every day to it’s fullest. I kinda wish I was still like that more than I am today anyway. Good times! Great singers and much safer drugs back then that I never knew to kill anybody!

  6. @Reta,

    Thank you thank you thank you. I was trying to think of the term bell bottom. That was driving me nuts!! LOL!! 🙂

  7. 1970. The zenith year of modern rock and roll. Very shortly Janice, Jimmy and Mr. Morrison would be gone.
    Aside from Jack White artistic integrity is a distant memory.

  8. Where do you get disco from that ? Marvelous time capsule, pre – disco, around the time he was dropping in on Marc Bolan, trying to convince him to tune his guitar.

  9. [Great singers and “much safer drugs” back then that I never knew to kill anybody!]

    Reta, once again, I’m gonna call you out! You had stated in the Chelsea Handler/50 Cent thread that you did NOT do drugs. SMH.

    There were plenty of drugs that many ODed on in the 60s, 70s and 80s. Why you are not aware of it is beyond me and anyone else here who has caught on to you!

    But that’s okay, I think that you are sill on ’em. 😉

  10. David Bowie is a man like no other and in life there has never been any one like him and never will be a one single man like him on this earth…He is creative and timeless and He has grace and charm and easy on the eyes and I love his style which often changes every year and…I Like his Acting!!! He is handsome and strange and weird and can sing his ass off and I like the fact that he is creative every single year of his life and…He is good for the world… Good to the world and..He is so Talented. He can do anything he wants and the world is always watching.

  11. Casonia Sade Logenberry... Some woman are so hateful at Hells kitchen and the lack of Respect and the lack of appreciation. The man are lost and can't understand the menu says:

    David Bowie has a style that is great and Iggie Pop music he has used in the pass and that has added to his creative moods in the pass and I am happy that he had another child and that he is married to the love of his life and that they are a true blue family but style and class and being a great actor is wonderful for him and being a father again is fantastic.

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