Denise Brown’s high and mighty attitude toward Fred Goldman. The late Nicole Simpson’s sister Denise refused to appear on Oprah in the same segment as Fred in protest of Goldman’s publishing of OJ’s book “If I Did It.” Denise called it “blood money!” In fact Fred Goldman has worked tirelessly through the years (and spent a FORTUNE on lawyers) to punish OJ Simpson for murdering his son Ron, in the ONLY way he could – financially. OJ mocked Fred’s attempts to collect on a 38 million dollar wrongful death lawsuit. FINALLY, Fred got his hands on OJ’s book and he knows it will infuriate the killer when the Goldmans collect the proceeds. (What Denise really doesn’t like is the way her sister Nicole is portrayed by OJ in the book. It IS a shame, but we’ve heard all those nasty accusations before.) Denise is trying to make Fred look like a villain and he’s NOT. She called for a boycott of the book – but it’s selling like crazy. And we’re HAPPY for the Goldmans. As for Denise – who is she to complain about blood money? For several years straight Fox’s Roger Friedman reported that DENISE was the MAIN beneficiary of the Nicole Brown Simpson charity.


  1. Sour grapes, Denise?
    Sorry that you PRICED YOURSELF out of a share of the proceeds from this book?

  2. Actually the judgement amount is somewhere close to $50M US, including interest.
    Something most don’t know, is after the judgement, a $5M offer to compromise was turned down by Fred Goldman. The Browns would have received just over $1M.
    Also, when Fred went after the book rights, Denise was not interested in participating. After Fred won, Denise wanted a percentage, but she was denied by a court.

  3. Marcia, is that REALLY you?
    Seeing your ravaged features AND Nancy Grace’s at the same time was like some brief, horrific vision of the apocalypse.
    You may want to confine your future media outings to radio.
    (And did you sue the bejesus out of your surgeon?)

  4. this hole thing is just a terrible case that needs to justified. o.j. will rot in HELL

  5. this hole thing is just a terrible case that needs to justified. o.j. will rot in HELL

  6. You never cease to amaze me with your crass off-the-cuff opinions.
    Who are you to gauge how a murder victim’s family should act? Honestly – I’m about done with this website.
    You certainly must be hard-up for celeb news if all you can do is spout your nasty opinions about something that is so personal to murder victim’s families.
    Grow the eff up. Get back to celeb gossip and quit your editorials – cuz they suck.

  7. The Brown family has been profiting off OJ since they pimped Nicole out to him. He helped her father get a Hertz dealership in a prominent hotel and benefited the family in many other financial matters. When asked what they would have done with their share of the book proceeds Denise said it “would go to the children”. Please! they administer the Nicole simpson Foundation and are paid for “services”.

  8. Marcia, is that REALLY you?
    Yes it’s really me
    ( o ) ( o ) I w(h)ore a lowcut blouse in court today. You likey?

  9. In the 13 years since the murders, Denise Brown has done about as much to truly benefit children and battered women as OJ has accomplished in trying to find ‘the real killers.’

  10. This is legalize lynching and don’t get me started with what happened in Vegas with all those lowlife dealers.
    Please check yourself Janet and stop this revenge crap. Why don’t you talk about what happened to that black girl who was held as a sex hostage by those Virginia’s redneck and made to eat dog crap.
    No, that doesn’t get talked about so I’m tired of this lynching mentality.

  11. Everyone involved in this heist that doesn’t get immunity, will be offered a plea of 2-3 years. Simpson won’t bite because he will be able to raise the $1.2M needed for his defense. The others will have to accept the deal, or “roll” on Simpson. This will happen within a month.

  12. Does Denise Brown actually do anything constructive with her life, or is her career confined to bitching about the Goldman family and money?
    She must have forgotten they also had a family member murdered by her former brother-in-law.

  13. Stop judging her!! She doesn’t want her sister’s name dragged through the mud- again!! What is the crime in that??

  14. The Goldman’s are money grubbing people. It’s all about the $$$, and that’s sad.

  15. move on with your lives. Why arn’t you as concerned about Lana Clarkson’s family, etc.? Is it because that is a white on white crime? Thank about it

  16. The Goldman’s are getting OJ where it hurts – his wallet. Good for them. I wonder if OJ would have been found guilty and sent to prison, if the Goldman’s would still have gone after him in a civil trial? If they would have done that, maybe I would consider them money-grubbers. But if this is the only way they can punish him for killing their child/brother, then I say GO FOR IT!

  17. Guess it makes it easier to mourn your son with some coin in your pocket. Another case of people only wanting in life money, fame or both. Guess losing their son is turning out to be the best thing yet. Living in luxury will ease their pain.
    I can’t believe you people are actually putting Denise down for having integrity!!! Shame on you and you too Janet.

  18. as someone who has inside information, I cant speak for denise brown simpson, but I do know that ron goldman was estranged from his father at the time he was murdered. the goldmans were against this book when they stood not to profit from it, mind you they had read it already, now they call it a confession, which is what the original publisher called it, they saw no way to profit from it so petitioned and complained to anyone who would listen to have the book pulled, now they call it a confession just like the original publisher did.
    they are hypocrites and only interested in dollars and cents, come on dad goldman even looks like a sneak.
    something most of the public does not know is that babwa wawa is involved in all of this because she was angry she was not going to conduct the on air interview with oj that was to come out way back when the book was first supposed to be realeased.
    vindictive people with power are the worst people to mess with, right ms. walters?

  19. Nicole and Ron have been dead for years and years now. It’s time for the Browns and the Goldmans to realize that they are letting OJ win again if they cannot let go of their bitterness and trying to make money from him. None of that will bring back their loved ones, and it is destroying the rest of their lives.

  20. People saying bad things about the Goldman family need to do some research. Read “Triumph of Justice” by Daniel Petrocelli — the lawyer who represented the Goldmans in the civil suit. Fred Goldman and his family went through hell to bring OJ Simpson to some semblance of justice. He couldn’t be punished by sending him to jail where he belonged, so they went after him the only way they could — financially. You can bet if OJ had been convicted on the crimnal charges, there never would have been a civil suit. The Goldmans have seen very little of the multi-million dollar verdict awarded to them in the civil trial. They have the right to collect that money, so get over it! Oh and Denise needs to shut up. I didn’t see her putting her money, time and life on hold while she went after the person who murdered her sister. What a joke!

  21. “as someone who has inside information”
    Save your bullshit, if you have information, post it. Otherwise STFU with your “inside information” claim.

  22. I wouldn’t mock Fred Goldman until we see what he does with the money. Maybe he can donate it to a charity completely unrelated to this whole situation. it might actually turn this tragedy into something positive for people who are alive. What a way THAT would be to memorialize someone.

  23. just remember for every dollar someone donates to most charities, the carity itself only collects an average of 20% that isnt much help.
    maybe fred goldman should have been a real father to his son while the son was alive.
    he is greedy, he does look like a sneak as posted above and barbara walters is the most protected person in the industry she really did tell donald all that stuff about rosie way back when they were in their feud.

  24. I would take the Goldmans over the sleazy, no-class Browns any day. That Denise is a p.r. whore and someone needs to shut her ass up!

  25. dont trust the goldmans as far as I can throw them. they are leaches and parasites.

  26. After hearing OJ’s RANT on that audio tape – one can ONLY IMAGINE the HELL Nicole went through. It is a VERY STRONG indicater of OJ’s irrational rage and his obvious belief that he is above the law and can do what he wants. He sounded exaclty like the vicious thug and murderer that he is. The recording should leave NO DOUBT what he is capable of.

  27. …to me, the so called robbery – although IRRATIONAL – is not the point. The RAGE he displays tells everything…

  28. Denise Brown is miffed that she is not sharing in the profits. Period.

  29. Fred Goldman is another victim in this case. He was brought into OJ’s life through no fault of his own and now he’s not leaving.
    Too bad Denise feels that way because Goldman made his intention loud and clear by changing the title of the book to include “Confessions by the killer.”

  30. Whatever you think of the Goldmans that psycho cut their boys throat. All they can do is hit him where it hurts . His wallet is all he cares about. Squeeze him till he’s dead.
    Revenge is bitter sweet.

  31. Denise Brown is a money grubbing skank. She was fired from the Nicole Brown trust for buying a fancy car and not giving any money to charity, her sister sold pictures of the kids to the tabloids… that whole family was in bed with OJ and got burned. They are pissed, because they don’t see the money. Fred Goldman, I love you. Go get em, Tiger. Brown family, you reap what you sow.

  32. I say “YEA” for the Goldmens. Ron never knew what hit him.
    The Brown’s KNEW O.J. was loco.
    I do feel for the younger Simpson kids…

  33. the best thing that ever happened to f. goldman was having his son murdered. he is one crazy mofo.

  34. You’re right about Denise. I feel bad that her sister was murdered — we all do — but that doesn’t make her any less of an asshole. Everytime I see her mug on TV screaming about the GOldman’s I change the channel.
    Oh yeah, and Oprah is a huge asshole just like Denise. She told Fred G. that the book was blood money. How is it blood money, when the murder doesn’t get any? Holier than thou Oprah is always judging people. STFU.

  35. Janet, you and Goldman’s put the dollar above the dignity of human life.

  36. Shame on you Denise! You act like you are the arbiter of everyone’s grief. You are being a pathetic attention whore and should just shut up and move on with your own life. Neither you, nor Oprah, have any right to tell the Goldmans how they should react to their son’s murder. You are both victimizing the Goldman family just as much as OJ did with the murder of their child and mine. Just because years have passed does not give anyone the right to dictate what the Goldmans should or should not do. There is no statute of limitations on grief. Denise, you should be the last person on earth to condemn the Goldman family for seeking any form of retribution on the man who slaughtered their son and your own sister that they can legally get. No one is forcing you to participate, so you should shut up and live your life and let the Goldmans do what they have to in order to be able to live their lives without their son Ron.

  37. Goldman has spent none of his own money on lawyers. He quit his job and lived off donations for years. People lose loved ones every day due to murder and this man has lived and wants to continue living off the death of his son. I do not like this man, even though I feel sorry for anyone who has lost a son or daughter. Denise is the same way, they’re out there for the money and that’s it. Money cannot bring a loved one back.

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