Denise Brown


Denise Brown’s high and mighty attitude toward Fred Goldman. The late Nicole Simpson’s sister Denise refused to appear on Oprah in the same segment as Fred in protest of Goldman’s publishing of OJ’s book “If I Did It.” Denise called it “blood money!” In fact Fred Goldman has worked tirelessly through the years (and spent a FORTUNE on lawyers) to punish OJ Simpson for murdering his son Ron, in the ONLY way he could – financially. OJ mocked Fred’s attempts to collect on a 38 million dollar wrongful death lawsuit. FINALLY, Fred got his hands on OJ’s book and he knows it will infuriate the killer when the Goldmans collect the proceeds. (What Denise really doesn’t like is the way her sister Nicole is portrayed by OJ in the book. It IS a shame, but we’ve heard all those nasty accusations before.) Denise is trying to make Fred look like a villain and he’s NOT. She called for a boycott of the book – but it’s selling like crazy. And we’re HAPPY for the Goldmans. As for Denise – who is she to complain about blood money? For several years straight Fox’s Roger Friedman reported that DENISE was the MAIN beneficiary of the Nicole Brown Simpson charity.