Heather Locklear doesn’t have to worry about her teenage daughter resenting the fact that her mother is getting married again. Heather says her daughter Ava, 14, was very excited to hear about her engagement to Jack Wagner and couldn’t wait to see her ring. This will be Heather’s third marriage – first came Tommy Lee, then Ava’s father Richie Sambora. Wagner was Heather’s romantic costar on the original Melrose Place and they’ve been together for the past four years. Ava has been doing some modeling and she landed a role in an upcoming Judd Apatow movie.


  1. It will be a true miracle if Ava doesn’t go down the hard-road life that Heather has led.

  2. JANET, will you give us a subject of “kelly ripa”; I’m having a fit to say something about her. I may say it later anyway.

    Thanks, I.

  3. Why wouldn’t she be happy for her Mom? Doesn’t everyone want their Mom to be happy?

    Heather has a nice looking daughter. Hopefully she doesn’t follow in the footsteps of some other celebrity children!

    Hey Indy, why don’t you just let your Kelly Ripa opinions fly? I am curious as to what you have to say about Ms Ripa. Do tell Indy.

  4. Ava is a very pretty girl. Mom should hoik up the blouse lest she expose the girl on the right.

    I’m with Muffin Indy, let it rip on Ripa.

  5. Speak about Kelly, cannot stand her. Heather can’t feel that her knocker is hanging out? I don’t hold out hope for this girl, wasn’t she already modelling something called White Trash? or something to that effect, anyway she was too young to be doing it

  6. As applied to Heather, J Lo and Whitney…..you can never buy Class!

  7. I get Regis/Kelly at 9:00 CST and by 9:02 I am boiling mad just looking at her.

    First of all, she makes $36,000 per episode (for one hour work, which she does not consider work because she has her beautiful face out for all to see). If you do the math, she makes WAY more than a movie star makes, who are on the set 10-12 hours per day and having to learn lines, which ripa does not have to learn.

    Then, about a month ago do you remember when hurricane Irene was racing toward NYC and parts of the northeast. The dumb bitch said the following: Oh, last night Mark (consuelos) said ‘Oh honey our house in the Hamptons may get flooded so I have a surprise for you…’I just booked a flight for tomorrow to Sardinia and Corsica and then we will board a cruise ship there.’ Then, my BP shot up 10 points, because there is no way that the day before a flight that you can book a plane for 5 in first class and then book a cruise for 5 in a stateroom. (they have 3 spoiled kids). This takes planning. So, she was just bragging that Mark planned a MAJOR trip one day in advance. NO WAY. She is a liar. This trip was in the planning at least 3 months earlier. And to top it all off, Mark makes ZERO money, nada, nothing, it’s all her money and she paid for the entire trip. She has also paid for an elaborate trip to Spain for Mark and the 13 y/o boy to watch a soccer match. Even after all her paying for everthing, she is still afraid he is cheating. (She went once to Australia to keep an eye on him, when he was caught dining out with Vivica A. Fox).

    I know this is none of by beez-wax, but I can see thru her vain phoniness and no one else (except Joy Philbin) can see thru her. Plus, she always makes snide remarks about Regis’ old age and health, and she can’t wait for him to retire so she can be the big dog. If someone can tell me why I keep watching this show, I would appreciate it. LOL

    Well, since you wanted to hear my bitching, here it is; sorry for length.

  8. Oh nuts, I forgot to add that the reason Mark wanted to go to Sardinia and Corsica is he has roots in this area. He is a kept man and proud of it. He has her under his thumb and he knows it.

  9. Indy honey, you have to step away from the TV before you blow a gasket.

    But I hear you. In this economy, when people are out of work and losing their homes, people who brag about what they have are tough to take. She would have lost me at “our house in the Hamptons”. I don’t begrudge anyone their good fortune, but no one needs to throw it in other people’s faces.

  10. No! Mark cheats on Kelly and shes to chickenshit to divorce him due to her fake family image.

    Ava looks like a nice clean untouched girl, unlike Madonnas Lola. Sadly, kids don’t do what their parents say they do what their parents do and Ava has a lot of drugs and bad boys in her future

  11. Heather had the smarts and money to get herself a natural-looking set of boobs.

    Indy, so Kelly and Mark are the blind item about the tv talk show host afraid her fans will leave in droves if they find out the hubby is a serial cheater? Thanks!

  12. Whoa Indy, I thought you were a fan of Kely’s. Boy was I wrong. Anyway as of late I do agree with you about Kelly. She really does seem to be riding on a very high horse lately. I used to enjoy watching her, thought she was and is still very funny(one of the funniest people on TV, as I have stated to my husband on numerous occasions). But yeah, the last little while I have been wondering to myself if I will even watch her after Regis leaves. She tends to brag way too much and does cut Regis down a lot. Maybe there are some negative things going on in her life right now either that or her ego needs to be checked BIG time! I don’t see the ego thing though because she has always seemed so down to earth. My money is on relationship problems. LIVE is going to have some Forrest Gump sized shoes to fill after the Reginator leaves that’s for sure. Kelly had better come
    back down to earth STAT or LIVE will lose a lot of viewers, including myself.

  13. That’s a totally inappropriate top for her and she’s had so much work she doesn’t even look like herself.

  14. Indy, enjoyed your comment about la ripa. Yes, she is revoltingly condescending and arrogant. I don’t watch any tv during the daytime.

    re: the topic of the post, I grew up in the same neighborhood as Heather & she used to date my brother. I haven’t seen her kid in years, wow she has really grown up. I am surprised to see she’s a model though, she must be tiny if she’s shorter than Heather. I’m 5’8″ and I tower over Heather. When I was young, you had to be 5’7″ at least to model; nowadays, all they care about is if you’re famous in some way.

  15. I could never watch Regis&Kelly because Kelly is all hat and no cattle! Fake person! So full of herself!

  16. It’s kinda pathetic that she needs to remind everyone of her breasts while in the company of her nubile daughter. No issues there.

  17. @ Mel Zipskin….”Mark cheats on Kelly…..”

    Mel, I know this is hateful to say, but I hope this is correct. Miss Vainglory needs to be brought down a peg. I do think he cheats, he’s probably got a chick with big tits, which kelly wishes she had.

    RE: Ava, gosh she does look innocent, but that will change as she is exposed to the world of modeling and movies, she will slowly acquire a hard as nails look.

  18. Thanks for coming out, Pippa.
    And I must agree with your comment too.

  19. By Patrick

    Thanks for coming out, Pippa.
    . Maybe this will inspire Ms. Strom to slither out of the closet too!!

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