Kentucky Democrats are so enamored with actress Ashley Judd that they are pushing her to run for the Senate in 2014 or 2016. She’s been very active with the party at the county and local level and people were impressed with her speech at the Democratic national convention in September. Ashley admits she’s flattered and hasn’t rejected the idea. But, of course, a run would mean her opponent would dig up every piece of Hollywood dirt involving her and that might be daunting, but she’s not the scandalous type – and she IS a feminist! We hope she DOES choose to run – the senate needs some fresh new ideas and best of all, WOMEN! Ashley would have our vote…



  1. She seems creepy to me too, I admit that’s not much at all, it’s just that bell in the back of your head that warns you about someone or something. She sets it off, like John Kerry does, disingenuous. yup, that’s the word.

  2. She is a woman and has had to go thru much in her life. She seems to be a decent and compassionate person. I hope she does run. It is disgraceful that the US is at the bottom of the list for women in political office. We rank even lower than most Muslim nations. It is about time our politicians start looking like and acting for the population they represent. Go Ashley!

  3. @jenny – I assume u live on Mars. Ashley is a top bitch and with this attitude I doubt shell have any success.

  4. Looney tune and totally unqualified for an elected office. Doesn’t live in KY. anyway.

    Her mother used to call talk shows and espouse on her biliiance on world matters and it was a lot of PC garbage.

    Voters in KY are to smart to elect her and voted strongly against Obama and his version of Hope & Change in the last 2 elections.

  5. Fantastic idea, Janet. Where do I send my check for the Ashley for Senate campaign?!

  6. Great idea. Let’s fill DC with all kinds of celebrities/performers because they are soooo much smarter than everyone else.

  7. She’s never held a political office and she should run for the SENATE?
    Since these folks love animals more then people, let’s have Ashly be dog catcher first.

  8. Years ago The Judd’s had the longest running “Farewell Tour” ever, because mom was dying. They managed to suck all the money possible from fans and mom is still alive, well, and with a delusional sense of herself.

  9. I believe she is the more sane one in the family. It’s sister & mom that are real nut cases. But really senator? She is not qualified, even in the south.

  10. All she needs to do is run the first few minutes of “Norma Jean & Marilyn” as her campaign ad & the men will all vote for her.

  11. Erika K. Kerry is disingenuous? He is a war hero who risked his life for a fellow troop. And was swift boated by Bush – all based on lies. Shame on you. You are disingenuous.

  12. Palermo. The source you cited is a right wing biased conservative Blog. It is devoid of facts just right wing spin. Shame on you. The reason the cons lost this election is precisely due to people like you. You believe what you want not what is real.

  13. If you read his story you see Kerry was NOT a war hero but he was a major grandstander. He also divorced a wife as soon as he had a chance to go after a rich but desperate one. He is a total fake.

    But the Judd’s are even a larger fake. Ashley has done well off her name. Stay in Scotland, please.

  14. No doubt, mother Judd had a major orgasm when she saw this story and thought it was a way to return to limelight. Just ask her about the “illness” and “farewell tour”.

  15. Janet: love you, love your site, etc.–but c’mon with the automatic support of any woman who decides to take a turn feeding at the political trough!

    We recall how you led the cheers for Sarah Palin, until she proved beyond doubt that she is a certified moron.

    Bottom line: most women in the mainstream of politics are no different than their male counterparts. Corrupt, warmongering, self-servers. See: Clinton, Hilary–and Rice, Condoleeza–to name just two. 🙁

  16. Strom, You are so wrong. Kerry saved the life of a fellow troop. I know I live in Oregon and the fellow for which he saved his life is from here and has been on television. Where the hell are you getting your information. And what about the purple hearts Kerry got. Were they made up too. Shame on you for your ignorance.

  17. Lippp, you don’t know me and your opinion means nothing to me.

  18. palermo: I know what you mean. Under “Taylor Swift and Styles”, I was bad-mouthed 9 times and told I was fat and lived in a double-wide, among other things. Is that evil or what for someone to say that, someone I have never seen. For the record, I am 2 pounds over and live in 2017 square ft. house. I guess this is called cyber-bullying? LOL

    To the subject: Ashley should not run for Senate. She has enough on her plate, to wit:
    1) Worry that her race-car driver husband could crash at any time.
    2) There are groupies and cougars that follow race-car events and her hubby is 4 years younger and very good looking, a lot of temptation there.


  19. Why did O.J. Simpson want to move to Kentucky?
    Everyone has the same D.N.A.
    Isn’t that right, Strom?

  20. I think it was Arkansas where daughter/girlfriend are interchangable.

    In Mississippi, as BLACK Morgan Freeman has proven the words are: grandaughter/fiance.

  21. Ewww. Scary. What did she do to her face? Is that what she is planning on doing to our country?

  22. She’s one of the most intelligent and well spoken women I’ve ever heard! I love how she fought back when she was given crap for being overweight, and the whole women objectification thing. She was spot on. I like her.

  23. She’ll be with her own kind! The narssistic, psycopaths!Every one in the govt. is nuts!

  24. True and as JC says,,,She will have the woman’s vote……Much like the OJ Simpson jury and Barry Obama got the BLACK vote…what happened to qualification?

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