If this is how Ariel Winter, 18, dresses to go to a summer party in Beverly Hills, we’re starting to think HER MOTHER WAS RIGHT. The Modern Family star was granted emancipation from her mother a few years ago – she complained that her mother was abusive – told her what to eat and didn’t allow her to wear sexy clothes. Her stage-mother mom Crystal WAS bossy, but it looks like Ariel has gone off the rails without supervision. Is she dressing like this to get back at her mother or does she just have bad taste? Her TV character Alex Dunphy is quite the opposite – a smart nerd. Ariel says she plans to attend UCLA this fall – hopefully, she will follow through and start dressing like a college girl.



  1. Remember, the teenager’s frontal lobe is not fully developed until age 25! Our 18-year-old would dress like this if we let her. It’s more a common sense issue… and at this age, really, most kids don’t have that part of their brain completed yet. 🙂

  2. She looks like a total slut. Only girls with no self esteem dress like this.

  3. @Hilary – I totally agree, however, seems she’s not only missing the frontal lobe but her backside too LOL!!!

  4. Hilary, I don’t agree with you. We grew up in a very conservative home and would never even think of wearing something like this. Spaghetti straps were out too, or Nicole mini skirts.

    This girl seems to want to attract the wrong attention. In that outfit she won’t have a hard time doing so. Needy.

  5. I blame those middle aged Kardashian scamps for flaunting their low morals and big fat behinds every day of the week.

    In the 60’s, 70’s 80’s and 90’s if you had a big wide hind end and short squat waist and no neck, you didn’t show it off. You worked it off at the gym.

    There’s nothing wrong with being short. Nothing wrong with being heavy or having a big butt. Why are people now happy with enormous butts and blown up lips? Why do the Kardashians want to show their nakedness to the world?

    Wonder what their late father would say about their behavior?

  6. She has that built-in desire to procreate, even tho at this age she does not realize that is why she is dressing like a steet whore to attract men. My advice is to either start on birth control pills..or…join the teen club called ….”Baby, think it over”.

  7. She’s headed right down the Kardashian highway to hell. Such a shame.

  8. What she has is rolls of fat and the beginning dimples of cellulite.

    I can’t say it enough, this girl is completely trashy. She was clearly raised poorly and has no self respect.

  9. Walter Cliff I couldn’t agree with you more; it’s the Kardashianization of American girls and it’s ugly…very ugly.

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