Apparently, TMZ isn’t the only website to claim their scoops as ours… People magazine just did it too! (See link below) On March 18th, we were the first to reveal that Prince Harry is totally in the dark about his sister-in-law Kate Middleton‘s medical condition. Today, People ran with that exact story as their own! We hate to brag, but this is two “We told you so’s” in one day. Please spread the word to your friends to check out our website if they want the best and most accurate gossip from around the world!

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA

4 thoughts on “ANOTHER WE TOLD YA SO!

  1. We always knew you get the best scoops. With a touch of mid century modern ! Keep up the great work Janet. My gold sluicing crew in the Yukon love your site!

  2. Good work Janet. I tell my friends to read your storys. You always find the news first.

  3. He and the thing he married do not need to know anything about Catherine’s surgery. The thing would only use it to her advantage

  4. People in UK I know say Royals were very not happy after Harry Marry and breed black woman.

    The royals must stay in white race when multiplying im told

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