The Scientologists and Tom Cruise are on the warpath with another former church member who’s written a book about to be released called “Scientology: Abuse At The Top.” The author, Amy Scobee, is a former high ranking member who wants to spill the secrets of the church and a few of Tom Cruise’s, while she’s at it. Actually her revelations about Tom are tame – she claims he experimented with drugs before joining the church, that he was given an ultimatum to divorce Nicole Kidman or leave Scientology, and that his staff at home are selected and paid by the church. Tom’s bullying lawyer has denied everything and threatened a lawsuit, as usual.

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  1. Wow, if that’s as ‘revealing’ as her book gets, it’ll never sell…even with the lawsuits bringing publicity, it sounds like a big bore.

  2. Tom needs to leave this cult and take his lithium. It’s clear to me he’s extremely bipolar. The man is a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

  3. All that try to expose Scientology, whether via TV or a book are in danger of their lives, seriously. The ex wife of Jason Lee (My Name is Earl) left, they dogged her for months, following her, harrassing her, and she almost had a nervous breakdown. ‘Earl’ is still in the demonic cult. Well, they will all have a hot old time together…..when THAY time comes.

  4. I emailed them once and asked a question about some scripture in the Bible, and guess what? They never answered back! Now THERE’S a shocker! These people will burn in hell, I have no doubt.

  5. What’s up with these lawsuits???
    Seriously. Does a person really think that filing a lawsuit means they’re in the right? And what is the outcome for most of these lawsuits? The truth hurts!

    I swear, you never hear of any other religion embroiled so much in lawsuits as these quacks. And they’re the ones taking individuals to court. The reason many celebs don’t leave the church of L. Ron is because they’re treated differently than lets say your average John Doe.

  6. BTW, notice many Scientologists don’t have much of a career or the respect anymore. Case in point: Tommy Cruise (crazy), Kirstie Alley (fat), John Travolta (tragic), Will Smith (repressed), Juliette Lewis (crazy), Leah Remini (annoying), Jason Lee (a joke) and the list goes on.

    It seems as though once they tout their religion, a string of bad luck seems to follow them. Religion is personal, keep that to yourself.

    P.S. Think about it: Charles Manson was considered “CLEAR” by these clowns

  7. The ‘revealing’would be rally lame it it was the main point, but the subject is the ‘abuse at the top’, the alleged physical abuse of the upper management by the Scientology leader, David Miscavige (same as covered by Anderson Cooper, New York Times and St. Petersburg Times. Tom Cruise only enter into it by being pal with Miscavige.

  8. I have no doubt whatsoever that Cruise is inhabited by the strongest of Satan’s demon spirits.

    Go into a Scientology Centre if you ever have a chance and pretend you think it is just a hotel. They have cameras everywhere and if they think you are undercover and there to check them out……LEAVE AT ONCE AND DON’T LOOK BACK.

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