Another unbelievable development in the Strauss-Kahn case. According to the New York Post, surveillance video at the Sofitel Hotel has revealed that the arrogant politician had a “married girlfriend” visit him in his room just HOURS before the alleged rape took place. The woman arrived at the hotel with Strauss-Kahn about 1:30 AM and left a few hours later. The next morning all hell broke loose with the maid. Strauss-Kahn’s doormat of a wife Anne Sinclair also knows about the French journalist who accused her husband of attempted rape, yet she mindlessly continues to support him! The maid incident just served to open the can of worms that is Strauss-Kahn’s sleazy sex life.

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  1. “sleazy sex life” ????

    My darling Janet, why would you be so obsessed with their sex life? It seems to work for them as a couple. Not everyone is all dried up and closed for business after 50.

    You need not be so sour, bitter and barren; even at your age. I say this with love, update that orange hair, get a nice Umberto cut, tone down the Kabuki dancer make-up, shop Barneys for an age appropriate outfit.

    Get out there to a girl bar and grab a juicey piece. You’ll have a smile on your face in no time.

  2. Pussy, I agree completely! I am 59 and am in no way ready to curl up and dry up and stop playing with the healthy boys. Altho this fellow sounds like a real lunatic if these acusations are true. I have no idea why a guy who is getting it all over the place easy enough would neep to rape anybody let alone the maid. What a colosally stupid move if true. But then, some men are known to do dumb things for no reason. AH-NOLD; Tiger; and now Tea Leoni’s husband who can’t keep it in his pants. I don’t GET it! Stupid stupid stupid! Way to lose your WHOLE FAMILY ASSHOLES!

  3. Good Lord this guy’s running with his pecker in his hand like a fifteen year old horndog.
    And Reta I’ll drop drawers with you any time.
    I love giving the old girls a thrill.

  4. Some people have morals, Pussy.
    Vasser girls are easy. Everyone knows that.
    Reta. Post some pics for us will ya!

  5. OK Patrick, I’ll give you that. Yes, us Vassar girls were considered a bit easy back in my day. Even, shall we say it, a bit vulgar. And yes, it wasn’t uncommon for a quick round ‘n stop on 2nd base while allowing a furtive hand under the brassiere.

    But I mean, after a lovely dinner, smart cocktail and movie, one just felt obligated when we noticed a chub developing at the conclusion of our dates.

    However, morals, Patrick, are in a subjective arena and we found it more of a compassionate gesture for our men to leave with a lasting tactile memory to take as they fell into a warm bed that night. You know….. when it’s hard to fall asleep.

  6. Stand by your man??

    By all indications DSK and his (if loving you is wrong, I don’t wanna be right) wife have an understanding that only the 2 of them understand. In the words of singing sensations The Main Ingredients, “Everybody plays the fool sometimes, No exception to the rule”. Evidently every other time that DSK looks at a woman he gets “Hungry Eyes”!!

  7. If this is their marriage dance, and it works for them, um, have fun w/ that. But I hope she’s got plenty of penicillin around! 🙂

  8. If you are DSK or Elliot Spitzer and you piss of the guys who faux-sacrifice at the Altar with a giant carved owl, then you may get removed by this time tested methodology.

  9. No one’s busines how they conduct their marriage. If it suits both their needs, then why should anyone be critical.

  10. The compassion falls short, Pussy.
    Thanks for the blue balls.

  11. I remember an interview given by Delores Hope (BOB Hope). She said she caught him in indiscretions twice and each time he was so remorseful that he showered her with a fur coat and diamond ring. She said she wished she could catch him again, as she needed a new dining room suite and chandelier. She was 90-something at the interview. LOL

  12. How does this guy get any work done if he’s constantly getting busy with the ladies?

  13. @Indy,
    I think Gracie Allen said something similar about George Burns (her husband) too. From what I have read, B. Hope was the bigger slut. lol 🙂

  14. He’s into the rough-dominance no pay, just threats if you tell on me stuff.. no wonder wifey let’s him find that sort of perversion fun outside their ‘ha-ha’ marriage..

  15. @ Walt:
    and Indy:
    You have got to check out “His Way” an HBO documentary about producer Jerry Weintraub. He has been married for years, and Never divorced from his wife singer Jane Morgan, but yet he has been “in love” with a younger woman Named Susie who is a member of the family who own the Lassie franchise. On the HBO special, Jerry has an impressive show business resume,including manager of Named Named groups, and promotions for Named Named singers including Elvis, Sinatra, and Many others. His wife and children know that he is in love with his wife and his girlfriend, even though Neither are interested in being married, and of course Jane has No desire to get divorced from this multi-multi-millionaire who is a still regarded as a well respected member of the entertainment industry including having his own *star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
    Yes, even though he is in love with 2 women who know about each other, these 2 women share a “special friendship” with each other, even showing up at same show biz appearances, and Jerry is seen and photographed with both of them, and yes, I actually like this guy. At over 70,successful producer and promoter he has lived and is still living well, and his adult children have high regards for both of their parents and yes, they accepted their father’s love for Susie years ago.
    DSK come from a totally different piece of cloth, and I don’t know what his game is, but, for clarification purposes and for whatever reason that I will Never try to figure out, I do indeed like Jerry Weintraub.
    Please consider checking out this fascinating
    man. He makes DSK look like “a rambling man” with the morals of an alley cat, but yet makes himself easily respected and accepted for “publicly” loving more than one woman. He ” absolutely” have my vote for whatever love potion he is on. I think he fooled around and fell in love!!

  16. P.S.
    and then P.S.S.
    Everyday, I get a chance to be reminded that I am also Not perfect!!

  17. Leo, wow, that’s some story, proving that truth is stranger than fiction.

    Walt, lol, yes, I think I remember Gracie Burns also revealing she gets ‘perks’ when Georgie boy is out tom-catting around. Wonder which ole girl got the idea first about swapping out material things for their old men’s affairs? lol

    PS: France and most other European countries and the Far East think the same way……”anything goes”.

  18. @Indy:
    Without telling too much about the HBO documentary,years ago Jerry was planning on having a little “afternoon delight” when Jane came home totally unexpected, to make a long story (even) longer,Jane left Jerry for a few days and he couldn’t contact her. When he was finally able to break down and apologize, this smart as a cookie woman told him to go to his bank and put a $Million dollars into her account. Not too long afterwards, Jerry and Jane were in Hawaii, and he was alone at a (public) bar having a drink with a young lady, and Jane walked up and asked him, “is that drink worth a million dollars”?? You “gotta” love this couple. I am Not one to tell others about bucket lists, but please consider putting a reminder on the “old iced box” to catch their entertaining story.
    Always Nice “rapping” with you!!

  19. It is Not my intentions to “hog” this topic, but maybe in our country,it is Not as understanding as some other countries, after all Jane Morgan spent a lot of years during her singing career over in Europe. I believe that it will quickly come to mind Sophia Loren’s frequent co-star Marcello Mastroianni. Years ago, it was a well told story of his long time separation from his wife,but while still married to her, he and Oscar Winner Faye Dunaway had a torrid love connection.He also had a daughter with French beauty Catherine Deneuve, yes while still married to his wife. When he passed on to that romantic planet in his Next life, he was still married to his wife, even though he was living with a woman that he had been with for over 20 years, while still married to his wife. So even though it is really any of My business, it is interesting to know that some women “adapt” to their husband’s womanizing ways and accept it as part of their marriage vows. I believe that over here in our country, a man constantly on the prowl while married might just come in close contact with a rolling pin to the head for skirt chasing and possessing a “cheating heart”. PEACE!!

  20. P.S.
    For clarification purposes:
    It is really Not my business,But yes some women do adapt to that behavior, and look upon it as being acceptable. I guess that go under the category of Different Strokes for Different Folks. Enuff!!

  21. I’m afraid I definitely don’t agree with you. If you don’t want to be faithful then don’t get married, it’s as simple as that. These women that are thrilled to get gifts cause their husband didn’t respect them are no better than hookers. Just one old wife’s opinion.

  22. It is strange to me that a wife would share her husband with another woman!!!Rather your Rich or Poor it is hard and when a woman loves a man!!!!A woman will let a man do anything they want and get away with it and Maybe the wife is so in love with her husband that she will allow it and if he can have anything he wants…Then who is not going to leave your wife and if she turns a blind eye to it and He has a Massive sex drive that she can’t handle it…Then she is not into him for sex..It is more like Security and making sure she is well taken care of in so many other ways and she has to be in love with him for her to allow him to do this type of thing? Another mistress for Dominique Strass Kahn is no problem for the wife…Maybe there some freaky and crazy things that his wife won’t do but some other woman will do? Faze his wife is something that she is used to and really thinks it is no big deal to some degree and when a man has a massive high sex drive it is better to keep him calm and at ease and it really has something to do with the stress level and tention and frustration that a man has to deal with on a daily basis and that is why he needs to have sex often and really relieve himself. Wife is ashamed because every one knows and she is not leaving!!!Because she feels connected to him on so many levels but this is her choice and this is her life and She is going to do what makes her happy.

  23. @ Palermo:
    First time greeting to you,
    and your opinion is very respected. I do Not know if you remember that “serious” $4 million dollar bling ( or so it was claimed to cost) that Kobe Bryant’s wife Vanessa was sporting after he got on TV and groveled and asked for her forgiveness while she looked into his eyes and rubbed his hands, and nodding her head like they were two kids in a sandbox instead of having been accused of dropping his pants and doing the wild thing with another woman, and she hitting him with criminal charges.

  24. I may be wrong, but was the total disregard of Commandment #7 (Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultry), the cause of the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire. Destruction from within. American and mostly via GollyWeird seems to be headed in that direction. With all the unemployment, health care and jobs in prevention of STD’s and AIDS should be plentiful here and overseas.

  25. There aren’t enough piles of money, diamond rings (I don’t wear fur anyway), dining room suites or chandeliers in the world that would make me put up with a cheating cad of a husband. I respect myself just a little too much.

  26. Leo, yes I do remember that, does anybody think they are truly happy, my guess is no they aren’t.

  27. You people are missing the point. This entire DSK incident is a polit7cally motivated farce. The “let’s bring him down with an easy scandal’ crowd are hard at work here. I’m no Conspitacy nut but this one reeks of it.

  28. I’m with you, Denise! Absolutely. If a man can’t be faithful to me, he doesn’t deserve to be in my company.

  29. It’s all about $$$$ & social status.


    Ahhhh yes, I had almost forgotten about the Kobe Bryant situation. That 8-carat purple diamond ring was a temporary pacifer. I’m sure when she looks at it she thinks it will buy her a new home if push comes to shove.


    If you mention the commandments to people now days some of them look at you like you are crazy. People just don’t like to be reminded that they are naughty or bad or worse.

    Are you a fan of Charles Stanley?


    Exactly!! Where’s the self respect with this woman? I don’t think she is particularly “devoted to him” as much as dependent upon the money and lifestyle.

  30. so can’t we even trust the New York Post any longer?

  31. He likes violence and cruelty.. that is not a sleazy sex life it’s a perversion.

  32. It is all about the money and yes I Do agree but this woman can divorce this man and take half his money and move on with a man who is going to be faithful and all hers and by her staying with this man after him sleeping with all this woman is putting herself at risk and her health and that is crappy to put up with a cheating man who is going to keep cheating and may end up one of this days giving you aids or some other health problem down the road and if it was me…I would simply take what ever that is offered to me? Within reason and move on and find a man who is going to love me and only me and that way I would not have to share his sex with other woman and keep in mind everything that she is getting while she is married!!!She can get while divorce. She is a good looking woman and He must not want her to leave him..When she is his first a man really get up set at the fact that another man can give her loving and being true can really bother him and he is not willing to let her go and the big reason is that she is a pushover and he can have his cake and ice cream and everything on the side.

  33. @deecee

    He can go to jail and I am sure they (Big Sal aka the “butt biter”, Carl Capone aka “the cuddler” ….etc. )will be happy to accomodate his perversions!! 🙂

  34. Walt, Yes, I like Charles Stanley. I go to the largest Southern Baptist church in the Mid-South. The pastor makes $600,000 a year and refuses to preach on Wednesday nights. He sticks strictly to the Bible, but is constantly going on vacation. He goes to Israel and the Journeys of Saint Paul and makes money on that… he makes money is he gets about 60-70 members sign up to go and then he gets money and a free trip from the travel agency, kind of like a bird-dog fee. The employees and pastors there are afraid of him and no one dares say a word. It took two years to find him and he for sure now a multi-millionaire. I told me old man he is in the wrong business. lol.

    PS: U R so right about reminding the worldly world of the 10 commandments, morals, or anything else that would upset their life. Oh well, we know the ending in the Last Book. Glad we’re on the same page, bro.

  35. @Indy, We really enjoy watching, listening and reading anything Charles Stanley does. We watch on tv before we go to our Southern Baptist Church (ours is small and very old… is most of the members. lol) on Sunday morning. I sometimes get more out of Stanley’s sermons than our pastor (Bless his heart). 🙂

  36. Walt, the way I figure it, my pastor makes way, way, way more than a heart or brain surgeon. LOL, (sorta).

    The reason I keep going to this very large church is they have a huge library and after dropping out of Sunday School, we go in there and teach ourselves various and sundry things. (not meaning to sound arrogant).

    Wonder why Charles Stanley’s wife divorced him these years ago? The reason never came out, as far as I know.

  37. @Indy,
    Our pastor doesn’t make a lot of money but he does have a successful family business that he runs. Most of the church’s money ends up going to people that are sick and need a little help, someone dies and they have unexpected expenses, many times it goes to feeding local families. It just depends on who is needing what and how much we have to help them out.

    I’ve often wondered too what happened in their marriage. How sad to part after all of those years together.

  38. Thanks Walt…..a million churches (or ever how many there are) and all have different stories.

  39. She is a wealthy woman and maybe she is a lesbo or doesnt like sex so stays married. Look at all the stupid BLACK women whose husbands are screwing everything and they believe the lies and stick around.

  40. To Taffy Daven Port My name is spelled Casonia not Carsonia first of all,Like mother like daughter is your life! Cps spending should be cut, They have close to a Billion dollars tighted up in funding for that program? Chris Gregoire is hiding the funding says:


  41. To Taffy Daven Port My name is spelled Casonia not Carsonia first of all,Like mother like daughter is your life! Cps spending should be cut, They have close to a Billion dollars tighted up in funding for that program? Chris Gregoire is hiding the funding says:

    FIRST THING IS FIRST YOU DON’T SLEEP WITH MARRIED MEN? You don’t sleep with men because they have money.

  42. To Taffy Daven Port My name is spelled Casonia not Carsonia first of all,Like mother like daughter is your life! Cps spending should be cut, They have close to a Billion dollars tighted up in funding for that program? Chris Gregoire is hiding the funding says:

    He is not cute or attractive and not sexy and…This woman should had been one of his whores or something instead and all this woman is going to have this hanging over her head for life and…HIS WIFE LOVES HIM AND WANTS TO BE PART OF HIS LIFE AND WILL ALLOW HER HUSBAND TO CHEAT WITH OTHER WOMAN.

  43. To Taffy Daven Port My name is spelled Casonia not Carsonia first of all,Like mother like daughter is your life! Cps spending should be cut, They have close to a Billion dollars tighted up in funding for that program? Chris Gregoire is hiding the funding says:

    She wants to spend the rest of her life with him and she has love in her eyes for him and she is staying with him throw thick and thin and something about him draws her in.

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