Why do people dislike Anne Hathaway? Does she share the pretentious attitude that causes problems for Gwyneth Paltrow? Does she lack a sense of humor? Is she just unrelateable? Is her life too darn perfect? Or is it her occasionally AWFUL taste in clothing? Could this coat BE less flattering?

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. She is trying the Rachel Maddow look….knarly but not jewish!

  2. It’s not a matter of dislike. I think fans got sick of her during the publicity jaunt of Les Misérables. She was in everyone’s face singing that dam song of her’s from the movie. She realized that and chose to disappear for a while. Smart move.

    The coat doesn’t bother me. Lady Gaga wears more outrageous clothes.

  3. I see that Janet still hate women & dumps on them all the time.

  4. And it was the con man Italian boyfriend from whom she was happy to take gifts and once he was caught she tried to look like she was also duped. This is a duped looking person in the picture? She seems to have a Julia Roberts mouth but almost Streisand nose!

  5. Surely more despised than Katherine Heigl and Gwynnie combined.

  6. AnnE is solidly established, wisely married, seriously competent genius award winning ultra talented actress.. she has no time for latest designer fashions, packing on makeup, creating elaborate hairstyles in her day, nor does she worry for possessing perfectly designed, gigantic mansions with all the modern luxury and modern the most exclusive areas.. which she can easily afford and one shall not accuse her of that time wasting, unimportant pretty-doll anti-feminist chatter or accuse her of being a lazy rich image worried about not having extravagant frippery which deeply annoys her.

  7. Wow, Strom, you really went off the deep end as Dee Cee. Get a grip, man!

  8. She was just OVER overexposed during her Oscar campaign.She was 15 min in the movie and she was everywhere! AND she wanted to win desesperately!

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