08ajolie.jpgAngelina Jolie fans – now you can own the condo where Angelina lived when she was an aspiring young actress in Hollywood! Back in the days when she was filming “Hackers” and “Foxfire,” Angelina bought a place in the Park Wellington building in West Hollywood with two bedrooms and two baths. It was a great pad for a single girl and when she grew out of it , she passed it on to her brother James Haven. Now he’s put it up for sale – for $689,500 it can be yours. It features a salt water pool, 24 hour doorman, a fitness center and tennis court, and best of all, room service from the Sunset Marquis hotel across the street. Prudential Realty has the listing.


  1. I hope the buyer has a good cleaning service or some strong antibacterial antiseptic. Ewwww.

  2. I agree. Go to the beach if you want salt water. Weird.

  3. I used to live a couple buildings away from her building… but only reading Janet did I realize it.
    Go to Zillow .com and punch in 1131 Alta Loma Road 90069, for views of her old building.
    Wonder if Angie went to the 7-11 a lot. : )

  4. The neighborhood:
    “Median household income: $55,141”
    Looks like it’s still a mix of people renting (struggling) and those living in luxe, full service buildings.

  5. Salt water pools are healthier than chlorinated pools. Chlorine is not good for your body and some people are especially sensitive to it. if you Google it, there is a ton of info that you can find on the subject.
    As for that photo…she looks like she has had a lot of plastic surgery in most photos but her brother is way freakier and makes her look “natural”.

  6. I’m curious. What does her brother do for a living?

  7. That’s true, the chlorine pools are a problem for some buyers.
    James maybe works for Angie, on the busieness end of things??

  8. WTF? Angelina looks exactly like she did when she was a kid. People can’t deal that this woman looks the way she does. Please.
    I think her brother has worked as an actor and he’s also directed Indie films

  9. Thats a nice place, but I wouldn’t pay that much for it. I’d also get rid of the black fridge.

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