Ten or fifteen years ago, Anderson Cooper probably wouldn’t have had the nerve to “investigate” the church of Scientology on his CNN show. If HE didn’t chicken out under pressure, chances are the fearful network would have silenced him. Those were the glory days of Scientology when they successfully threatened and pressured journalists who dared to write about them. Any writer who succeeded in getting their investigative piece written, lived to regret it, due to lawsuits and job loss. The church is not as powerful or threatening as it used to be. We LOVE CNN for doing this and hope it stirs up problems that lead to the “church” paying taxes like any other profitable organization. The amount of real estate they own in Los Angeles is criminal – since it is all untaxed. And of course we, the taxpayers, have to make up the difference. Anderson Cooper’s report is in five parts, airing every night this week.

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  1. ‘The church is not as powerful or threatening as it used to be.’

    That maybe Janet and i agree with you – both he and CNN are brave to do this. I wish them luck…they still need to be careful.

  2. Neena is correct. Scientology will stop at nothing to get rid of a high-profile reporter who would come against them.. They have hundreds of ways to silence someone if they want to. He is definitely putting his life on the line. And it will be made to look like an accident, just like the others they rubbed out, and most of them were not famous. And, are you kidding…..they are still powerful and threatening, just their rhetoric has been toned down. SCI is the evil of all evils.

  3. Rolling Stone Magazine did a feature on them about 4-5 years ago and they are still in print. It was a great article.
    GO ANDERSON!!!!!!!!!

  4. If Scientology is so almighty and powerful, can’t they whip up a concoction for Tiny Tom Cruise to give him the 5 inches in height he so desperately needs.

  5. It’s not a church, it’s a cult, pure and simple. I cannot believe how many idiots there are in Hollywood who willingly give up their millions and their own free will to them. Yes, I’m talking to you KatE Cruise, enjoying your life that you sold your soul for?

  6. Go Anderson Cooper!!!! It’s a cult . . . Anonymous (<3) exposed their asses and you would have to be a fool to have anything to do with that group . . . BTW Peaches Geldoff = kiss your career goodbye

  7. I have been watching the reports, last night and tonight, that alien leader sounds like a like a very sick man, so far the wifes of some former members appeared tonight denying allegations of their husbands getting beat up by the alien leader. Denial. You know they have been brainwashed.

  8. have you ever heard of an openly FAGGOT to join the scientology business?
    I’m proud FAGGOTS can’t have kids of themselves.(yet?)
    because only boys were born…..

  9. Yes very brave, now if CNN and Anderson would use those same balls to do some honest reporting on Obama and his administration of thugs.

  10. Thugs? HA!!! What about Dubya Bush? Carl Rove and Darth Varder Cheney, they left everything in shambles. Get your head screwed on right, cause apparently it’s not.

  11. Well, logic, I can tell by your comment that you don’t know what the hell you are talking about.

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