Poor little Nicki Minaj must have no faith in her talent or looks. She had to go out and BUY herself some butt implants and she can’t stop shaking them in our faces! Do those silicone implants really make her feel superior? It’s apparent that she wants be as crass as male rappers and she certainly succeeds in cheapening herself in her video Anaconda. Does she really want to be pegged as a lewd, oversexed hooker? Male rappers belittle women to build up their own egos. Nicki belittles HERSELF and implies that she’s clever because she demands money for sex! It’s sad…

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  1. She is one ghetto BLACK and should be called out instead of an example to poor girls who she influences.

    Important to note that in Ferguson Missouri, looters were not stealing any WORK BOOTS. Says a lot about who they are.

  2. Sadly, this is what the former great country of America wants. Sleazy politicians, Kardashian mind numbing entertainment and a populace that idolizes criminals and bad behavior.

    She is just reducing herself to the lowest common denominator of American life. Vulgar sells.

  3. A great example of why BLACKS have highest unemployment rate, highest crime rate, highest single parent homes rate, highest STD rate. Obama had a real opportunity for some positive change but has failed in it.

  4. @Cal Culver

    You hit the nail on the head. I totally agree & it’s going to get worse before it gets better, if that?

  5. If only she was white she would be the perfect prize to every BLACK man!

  6. What is it with women’s butts these days, they are setting us back hundreds of years. This woman is crude and lewd, I lost brain cells watching this video.

  7. Sometimes I appreciate the “idea” that I was born at just the right time to appreciate music
    when music was music. The Supremes, Petula Clark, Dusty Springfield, Martha and the Vandellas, Tammi Terrell and Marvin Gaye, sex symbol Tom Jones, Gladys Knight,Dionne Warwick, and the list goes on and on with women
    and groups who did Not have to berate themselves and show their assess and their liability in order to promote their music. Aretha, Connie Francis,The Osmonds and countless other performers have sold millions of records, LP’s, 8 track tapes and so on and Never had to show their (shortcomings AKA their a.s.s.e.s.)in order to sell their music.
    I saw the James Brown movie “Get on Up” last Night, and even The Godfather of Soul and his back-up singers did Not feel the Need to show it all. Tina Turner for all her sex appeal knew how to approach music, tantalize an audience with her voices and her moves.
    Today’s amateurs have Nothing on the true singers/performers of years gone by. Just another opinion and forever Thankful that I was born in the generation of true music magic!!

  8. You and me both, Leo.

    We’re witnessing the fall of the American Empire. I was watching videos of Bruce Springsteen and was stunned to remember was a masterpiece Born to Run is. And for the E Street Band to be inducted into the RRHOF; NOTHING today compares. It was about the lyrics (real rapping), individual esteemed musicians, Bruce’s haunting vocals. Funny how he married his first wife, a model but ends up with his modest but talented backup singer.

  9. Amen Leo. And why hasn’t she been called out for promoting stereotypes of African-American women?

  10. You should call out Kim Kardashian as well, since they are both cut from the same cloth. But, no, you bow down to the K’s.

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