Amber Heard isn’t exactly a big time movie star yet, but SHE called the shots when she appeared on the Live with Kelly and Michael show this morning. Amber is promoting her movie 3 Days to Kill with Kevin Costner, and that’s ALL she wanted to talk about. The only personal information she divulged was the fact that she owns a 1968 Mustang. Kelly and Michael looked uncomfortable, obviously they were warned and didn’t DARE bring up the news that she is engaged to Johnny Depp, which is the thing she is MOST famous for. Amber has said she can’t think of anything WORSE than losing her privacy like Brad and Angelina – and then she got engaged to, of all people, JOHNNY DEPP! Lotsa luck…

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  1. Hope Johnny comes home and…gasp…finds her in bed with a…gasp…woman. Well, he knew what he is getting into. But maybe he likes kinky?

  2. She DOESNʻT like publicity, but, she made a big deal of coming out a few years ago. I even felt then she did it for attention. Her actions speak louder than words. Depp is the one who has been more low key so this must be his doing, not hers. Hasnʻt he been engaged about 5 times?

    Iʻve never seen her give a compelling performance in anything. Another model/actress known more for her looks and personal life than talent. How boring. Get ready for a divorce in 3, 2, 1….

  3. So she can’t fall in love because she wants privacy? She doesn’t even talk about him or confirmed their engagement! She’s not like Kim K.and Kanye who claim to want privacy but then do a video together and post pics of their baby on instagram! And btw just because she was w/one WOMAN according to her.Doesn’t mean that she can’t keep her clothes on! She’s been w/men way before she was ever w/one woman! Stop assuming and judging a person you don’t know based o their sexuality alone.

  4. Wait a minute Kaila.You said she “Came Out” for attention but now you say that Johnny Depp is the one that wants privacy not her? What? Doesn’t she want more attention now that she’s w/one of the biggest stars in Hollywood? All of a sudden she doesn’t want attention anymore? And btw she came forward w/her girlfriend because she said she wasn’t ashamed and didn’t want it to look that way.And counting down to somebody’s divorce classy! and you sound like you’ve seen all of Amber Heard’s movies too to judge her acting talent.What have these people done to you.Whatever happened to wishing people well? It’s mostly just bitter and jealous people making nasty comments about people we don’t know.And you sound just like ’em!

  5. I have no idea who she is and will continue that pleasure of not caring forever.

  6. kinky ? really, these days 2 women in a bed = traditional,


    2 women + 6 sets of foam water wings, 1200 gallons of grape jelly, 4 oily waiters named Nando, 2 huge huge fat girls wrapped in pastry, my brother in law’s doberman steve, a small preening and unctuous speedofile (like Strom), a blindfolded clergyman, and Janet = thats kinky

    get it straight ! jeez

  7. A hugely PR-ed relationship. Have u seen them recently? No chemistry between them, it has never been there….

  8. Amber has made it perfectly clear that if she is attracted to a woman, she has no qualms at all about pursuing it.

  9. Similar to Jessica Biel, she will keep her appetite for vagina and Johnny might join in!

  10. She used to date Crispin Glover and would beg
    Him to meet his famous friends. Guess she
    Finally met one to pay for all her plastic surgery.

  11. Amber also made, ahem, friends with Marilyn Manson and Nicolas Cage. Glover, Manson, Cage are all friends of Depp. Too bad her acting can’t hold a candle to her scheming and stalking skills.

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