Secrets from “The Bachelor” have been drifting our way, so naturally we’ll share them with you. Of course these are unsubstantiated rumors, but odds are they’re right on the money. Ali, the advertising account manager who was ordered back to work by her boss, is, of course scheduled to return. Tenley, is apparently NOT going to be the winner because she has already been asked to appear on the next “Bachelorette.” So Ali is Girl Most Likely to be selected to fly away with The Bachelor pilot Jake Pavelka.


  1. WRONG!!!! He is OVER her and told her not to come back. The word on the net is that he winds up with the despised and cross-eyed Vienna (EEEEWWWWWW)!!!!

    (dildo’s are welcome though)

  3. You’re right Reta…it’s been known since the show began that he chooses Vienna Sausage. After watching last night’s show, it appears that Jake relates to girls like a kid in high school…hitting her in the but with the sword, pushing her into the water. He’s finally getting to do-over high school where he says no one wanted to date him. He and Vienna will have a ton of fun, but never marry.

    After seeing Ali and her whining, I couldn’t wait for him to hang up on her. She’s so annnnnoying!!!!1

  4. The Bachelor sucks, is scripted and extremely boring. Reminds me of the Chicken (Prostitution) Ranch outside of LasVegas where the whores line up and the whore-monger picks one out for $500 per hour or whatever the price is. This is truly the dumbing down of America.

  5. I will be sad if he picks Vienna but it looks like he will. What a dissapointment. She looks like a fish and is rather annoying. I guess (if it’s scripted) he had to pick her because the show would want favorite, Tenley, to become the next bachelorette.

  6. This show is awful. But please, this post is just as bad. It’s been circulated from the beginning of January (see that Jake picks Vienna. I bet he regrets it now (see tabloid stories).

  7. Jake should have a talk with Vienna’s ex-husband over the money she stole from him for her fake tits. I don’t know why Jake would want a girl with fake tits when he could have Tenley, who is 100% real and clean cut and sweet and intelligent. Vienna can’t even carry a conversation without giggling like a moron. I can’t stand her and after this show I hope she disappears for good from TV, but I doubt that will happen. Like so many before her, I’m betting she’s using this only as a stepping stone to “get discovered”…for what? I don’t know. Being fake would be my guess.

  8. What is with The Bachelor? The bachelors get uglier, and the female contestants are so generic, they might as well be blowup dolls. What sort of brain-dead cretin wastes one second watching this crap? And that guys is either a Narcissist or – hate to sound like captain america here – as gay as a blade.

  9. Tenly is the most articulate/educated; probably the best match intellectually. But Vienna was prolly better in the sack and yes, he definitely is revisiting 12th grade w/her.

  10. Tenley was annoying with her mentioning her ex husband at least 5 times per show. Who wants to be with someone that compares how nice you are to her compated to her ex? Ali is going to be the next Bachelorette not Tenley. Tenley is too emotional and to naive to do a show where she is the focus. Plus who wants to hear about her ex again! Jake is douche…he thinks with his johnston and he goes with Vienna who dumps him because she realizes what a bore he is and how he can’t accomadate her champagne lifestyle. Only major players should do the bachelor. They know they aren’t going to be committed to anyone.

  11. He should have picked Gia! She was the best of the group by far. Jake is a tool.

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