It was inevitable. Alec Baldwin‘s wife Hilaria, 30, is enjoying her newfound fame a bit TOO much. She doesn’t have problems with the paparazzi and gets a kick out of posting her yoga photos every day to an ever- increasing audience. She would LOVE to do a reality show with Alec but he can’t tolerate being in the public eye. But what about a show of her own? She’s pressuring Alec to be supportive, but the last thing he wants is more public exposure. We’ll soon see how far Alec, 56, will go to keep his young wife happy.

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  1. IMHO this is a disastrous desire…..i was happy for AB when he found love again… I am beginning to think he married the very wrong but very flexible woman……sad sad sad…..

  2. Probably another fame whore. Probable had the kid to secure future child support.

  3. UGH, no thank you, would never watch her for more than two minutes. She would probably go from pose to pose the whole time.

  4. I feel sorry for Alec, he got sucked in to this bogus relationship when he was at his weakest.

  5. Philberto – You feel sorry for that creep Alec “Sourpuss” Baldwin??? He’s one of the biggest jerks around, right up there with Sean Penn and Kanye West.

    At one point I felt sorry for Hilaria, but after seeing that video of her directing Alec to confront a camera guy, I changed my mind. She’s complicit in Alec’s crimes. Both are train wrecks.

  6. When she did that yoga crap on the airplane, sticking her ass and feet in people’s faces, she showed her true colors. Total self involved pig. Plus she cranked out an ATM in the form of the baby. Go away.

  7. DUH!

    Alex is always spitting mad at the paps, but his bride LOVES that spotlight.

    Ps. I won’t be watching.

  8. The lows some people will go to just for their 15 minutes.

  9. I continue to believe that he is still in love with Kim Basinger, and Hilarious is just a possible maybe!!

  10. Here’s the solution to this kind of garbage: don’t watch it.

  11. Both are shallow and completely nuts. She is not that pretty and he looks like a tired old man. If she crosses him and gets his dander up, he will beat the snot out of her. But with her expertise of yoga, she probably knows some karate/judo moves. Now a fight on the street would be something to see, some quick $$$ for the paps to sell to the rags (especially if she gets the best of him). 🙂

  12. Ya look at a guy like that and have to say to yourself he looks like he ought be over in Branson, Mo. or Paris, TN fishing on a lake… He can grow a big burly beard and talk as much shit as he wants and nobody would give much a damn. And if he like to hit the bottle some, they have a winery over there in Paris. But, ya have to wonder about his wife & living in the woods of sort.

    Just forewarning…. Don’t buy his country music album, unless it’s sound like shit. As can you imagine him hanging out with Hank Williams Jr.

  13. Actually, he might be better off in Chicago. Some place super cold in the winter time and or maybe where dudes go fishing on those frozen lakes and have all they need (TV, stove, bed and just live way far away from everybody). Hence, he and Chevy Chase could be like neighbors.

    Well, it’d put them both on a diet of eating a ton of fish and when they come to town or the big city they can mingle with all the stripper girls a bit like Charle Sheen as ya know he likes somebody else to hold his rod.

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