We didn’t know that Adam Ant (above, then and now) was diagnosed as bi-polar and has been battling manic depression for years. Since his heyday he’s had a few legal skirmishes and hospitalizations. According to the Daily Mail, he was attempting a comeback at a charity event in the UK this week but when he started rambling and wasting time onstage, the audience turned on him and booed. He responded by yelling obscenities and insulting Christians in particular. The next day he was locked up in a mental hospital where he is now recovering.

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  1. He looks about 4 ft tall in these pics! I don’t remember him being that little. And the pic on the left sure doesn’t show him off to his best, now, does it? I mean, he looks like he has had all his fun parts removed! The front of his britches are positively EMPTY! Poor guy, no WONDER he lost his marbles, he already lost his NUTS!

  2. Yep a sword is what he wants but he is just another faggot who fooled the public!

  3. He can’t help his condition or his outbursts. Bipolar disorders can wreck havoc on a person’s overall wellbeing and suffer extreme highs and lows. Not all meds or therapies are helpful. It may take years to find what works for a person. I hope he gets the help he needs and wish him all the best.

  4. In the pic on the rt doesn’t it look like his head is just HUGE? I mean compare the size of his noggin to the rest of his (tiny) body and he winds up looking like one of those bobble-head dolls! I wonder how he manages to hold that thing up straight without snapping his neck?

    You know, I remember him, but right now can’t recall anything he sang. But I wondered where he went. I guess being bi-polar explains it. There are a lot of people in show b’niss that are bi-polar, including Patty Duke and Mike Tyson. It IS very hard to get under control and figure out what meds will work. Really screwy disorder.
    Wonder if he can still sing?

  5. Reta, he sang “Goody Two Shoes” I believe that was his only hit in the states. He’s released a few solo projects that didn’t do well in the states.

    I saw him a few years ago when I was in London and he sounded fine. No lip synching.

  6. Maybe he should date Kelly Bensimon? Two peas in a pod….

  7. Yes, I agree. I just recenlt tuned into the New York Housewifes and I can’t believe how totally INSANE that Kelly Bensimon is! She spent her whole time on a trip with the other women flipping out in turn to each of the other gals and even said that one of them was “trying to kill her in her dreams”! Kelly is too far gone, and should be taken off the show immediately! She’s beyond crazy!

  8. I hope that he is okay and not going throw so much stress and tention and frustration and yes I Really enjoyed his music back in the day and it was wonderful and excitement but I had no idea that he was Manic and of course your going to be looked at as crazy for the rest of your life and people think that your nuts and that you can flip flop to crazy weird and strange but..I Know for years I did not hear any music from him and just thought that he was living on the sales and that his life was smooth and easy going and relaxed but his style and time has passed but he is still a good looking man but he has his whole life ahead of him and I do wish him well and good wishes come from my heart and take care and have a wonderful day.

  9. When your a singer people just want to hear you sing and do the music and that is what your payed for and when you yell and scream and talk about the people that are paying you…It is a problem and in life we all get older and we lose are looks and it is something we all have to come to terms with but for him…It has to be hard! I feel sorry for him and hope that he is taking good care of himself and heals from this issue at hand.

  10. When the money is slow…Your life really changes on many levels and in the future he can change and just sing his heart out and allow hard working people who pay for the tickets to hear the music and allow them to foreget about there problems and worries and just be happy and cheerful and allow other people to love his music and that is something that is going to take him to another level in life. Meaning that by word of mouth people will come back and listen and with that…He can really take care of himself and would not have to worry about Debt?

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